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  1. Hello everyone. So, I'm modeling the Isamu helmet on 3d. But I got really stucked at the back part of the helmet as you can see on these pictures. If you can help me out with some reference images, or ideas, or anything it would be great. Thanks!!
  2. Stalingrad is an upcoming 3D war epic based on the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942. The film is directed by Fedor Bondarchuk, who received an Oscar nomination for his 2006 film The 9th Company (which was based on the Soviet War in Afghanistan). Hopefully, it's much better than that snooze-fest known as Enemy at the Gates. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Da3EgZUA0Y Stalingrad @ IMDb
  3. From the blog maxharddrive.blogspot.com I set out to make a 3D model of the 1/55 Ban Dai Valkyrie. I succeeded. I had a perfect toy size replica that needed to be scaled up to human size. Before I added the cock pit I mocked up a 6' pilot in the seated position (back then he looked like the Minecraft guy) and scaled up the VF model until he looked like he fit. The size I settled on was 63 ft 10 in long. This was years ago, it did not occur to me to look for the official specifications. I did look up the specs for the F-14 and at 62'9" my VF has 13" on it. That made sense to me. Bigger. Badder. Now. Look at a model of the star of the movie "Top Gun" the F-14 Tomcat. That pilot is not tom cruise, this guy is 6 ft tall. You see how it looks like the cockpit works? It looks like a pilot will fit and a RIO too. There is room for the landing gear and everything. Look at the VF model at the specified "official" length of 46 ft 7 in (14.23 meters) compared to the F-14. At first glance I would buy that there is a guy in there and that this thing can transform into a giant robot. But look at the pilot in this scale. It doesn't look like it works. He barely fits. The pilots feet and legs end up in the wheel well. We still need room for a seat (maybe two), instruments, landing gear and robotics. I am all for advanced miniaturized technology but this doesn't work for me. In my tests it just looked ridiculous and unrealistic. Take a look at the VF at F-14 size 62 ft 9 in (19.1 m). It starts to look better. The cone sizes start to match up. The pilots feet aren't on the floor. There is even room for my super awesome cockpit! In my measurements and test many, many years ago I arrived at the length of 63 ft 10 in. Have a look. The cockpit and ejector seat details are in the picture and it looks like it works. Compared to the F-14 in this scale the VF-1 looks more imposing , more bad ass. It looks like it can kill some aliens. Interestingly the wingspans also matched up at this length. Has this been an issue with anyone else making a 3D model? I can't imagine any of the other Valkyrie toys would do much better scaled up to 47 ft. Other specifications need to be reexamined, Weight and Thrust to weight ratio. There will definitely be new measurements when the model transforms to ger-walk and battle-oid mode. Well there you go. I put it out there for discussion. Should I petition congress to make it official? No. They can't get anything done. Internet gets stuff done. Revised measurement; 63 ft 10 in length 63 ft wingspan 24 ft hieght
  4. That's right campers, I'm back, again, on yet another different computer, and I have a new half-finished 3d model I'm looking for an opinion on. This go round, it's the transforming FW-190, the first human-designed variable mecha to go into combat in this alt history. It's kind of hunchbacked and possibly vaguely Krogan-looking, but that's just how it works out having a single, front engine to deal with. Unlike the previous planes, the propeller does not retract on this one - and while it wouldn't be powerful enough and thearms stow whwre the fuel tanks went in aircraft form, it could in fact mount the original double-stack 14 cylinder radial. The question I have for you all, is what do do with the head? Usually I have to cram on into whatever little space I have left over, to the point of needing to transform the head from some non-head-like shape that was all the space I had. This time, I've got ALL THIS VOLUME! (The big white block) with the only constraint being that the black "eyebrows" are the polygons where a gun port texture will go on for the muzzles of the twin guns rught in front of the cockpit, and I have no ideas at all! I feel like a wholesaler, shouting VOLUME, VOLUME, VOLUME! Up to the bottom third could also be split off and hinged separately to fill out the torso a little, which honestly speaking it could use. Still, anyone have any good ideas for what to put under those laser eyebrows? (It's also the first human designed energy weapons, BTW. They're big, draw obscene amounts of power, and generate enough heat to need their own radiator, but they never run out of ammo and that's a treasure beyond price.)
  5. I continued straight on from modeling the FW-190 and roughing out a possible Toggel (Zzard command mecha) to the alien mook suit, the Klogg, but found the thing a real fight to figure out all the mechanisms for, and kept switching back and forth between two basic designs as one of the parts cleared up... then I discovered that I had two workable designs, intended for the same unit but related only in that they have two main engines and three omnidirectional vector fins, and use the same super parts. Which one is better, do you think? The Klogg Naro is based directly on my original paper sketches, though the torso and shoulder transformation ends up completely different. It'll have to have a narrower head than planned, but not too badly so, (and that doesn't make the origin of the subtype name obvious AT ALL.) bare - red patches are for texture mapped missile racks with the space version super parts, that are mostly engine and fuel/remass the Klogg Jau, based on "a flying saucer would be cool, but I have to keep the cockpit ball in one piece this time." the Jau with atmosphere type super parts, which include a smaller engine and about the same amount of fuel as the space type, but have more mass due to the wings and swing hardware. Having aerodynamic lift and control surfaces more than makes up for the mass, as long as you are in fact inside an atmosphere, though the mecha can operate fairly well in its base configuration. The Jau is 2-3 components ahead of the Naro, able to transform the torso and shoulders. The barely-opened flap on the side of the shoulder is to let the arms hang down in its hybrid mode, or lift them up to the sides in full humanoid form. The super parts also include a part that straps onto the outer surface of each leg vector fin with chaff/flare launchers and another micro-missile rack on the top, each also including a fuel tank, though the top one is small and only meant to feed the vector fin microturbine, since they usually just run off small tanks built into the center part of the fin. The robot toes provide some vectoring for the main engines and there are small reaction thrusters distributed across the unit as well for fine adjustments, but most attitude control is intended to be done with the fins, which can swing 180 degrees forward for reverse thrust and have butterfly paddles in the exhaust ports on their tips to control yaw, pitch, and roll inputs. They also provide atmospheric stabilization like the feathers on a badminton shuttlecock if it's flying in base configuration. All of which is true for both of them. The main difference, aside from outline, is that the Naro's cockpit section has to tip down at the nose, how far I've not yet determined but hopefully only 15-20 degrees, during transformation, requiring an internal gimbaled pilot seat, while the Jau keeps the cockpit pod level, like all of the variable WW2 planes I've made. That alone is tipping me in favor of the saucer design, but I like the other one too... So I'm asking for opinions to help decide. Yes, again. Despite hardly getting any responses the other times. The replies I did get were useful, so I'm running a new one up the flagpole to see if anyone will salute.
  6. Hey, I'm back at last with a new rendering of the Macross Fanracer. I changed the wings (again ;D) and added a pilot built in Poser. I wanted to replicate the feeling of an old photograph from the pioneers of aviation Find the other works on http://zpaolo.deviantart.com
  7. Hello all, I'm an old time Macross fan and I used to do Macross related CGI work in the past, my latest project is building a 3D CAD model of the Macross Fanracer (or Fan Racer) Hikaru pilots at the beginning of the Macross TV show. I did some changes to modernize the shape a bit, and I'm planning to add more details soon... You can find other works on my deviantart page http://zpaolo.deviantart.com Paolo
  8. Tell me what you think internet http://maxharddrive.blogspot.com/
  9. Hello all, first post here! Just wanted to share with you guys my latest 3d work on macross. Hope you like it.
  10. Hi guys. This is my own attempt at modeling the VF-11 based on the 1/72 hasegawa kit. It's not accurate and there are many errors here and there but I just wanted to get it done as practise. I'll probably redo it from scratch once I get the actual kit as it's hard to find proper reference on-line. So far the cockpit is very basic and there are no landing gears yet but I will probably start texturing it first. This is where I need help from you guys. If someone has a hi-res scan of the stickers/decals and instructions/manual from the Hasegawa kit, that would help me a lot for texturing. The ones available online are not clear enough and the texts are too small to make out. I've also tried asking in the model kit sub forum but it hasn't been very helpful. Anyway, here are some basic renders without any textures. These are only renders with materials. The panel lines were cut into the polygon itself. Any comments/feedbacks would be greatly appreciated and I will keep them in mind when I work on the V2.
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