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  1. Anyone else have VF-1D's for a "reasonable" price?
  2. Macross IS a bill.
  3. A silhouette you might want to add..........
  4. Its all good. Just saying I haven't had/purchased one of these Valks since the 90's. I sold off most of my old model kits and toys back in the late 90's early 2000's. The quality of this new stuff is legit, I would have pulled triple shifts delivering newspapers on Sundays for this stuff back in the 80's.
  5. Is this what this entire thread is about?! I got my first one of these things since the 90’s......wow, inflation......
  6. So, whats the next big step with the DX line? Release of Roy this fall/winter........and then maybe another model or two announced fall/winter? Where do we go from here besides save for the Roy release?
  7. Random question.......anyone have this image in an HD or higher pixel density? Trying to do a large canvas pic of it but I can’t find a big enough file.
  8. Isn't that nuts.....plastic missiles!! I agree with you guys, I'm thankful I have the coin to pay for a thing or two but its just fascinating and scary at the same time to see how much this stuff goes for. I guess the question is, does Bandai do this as a calculation? Like I mentioned, I feel like its becoming "normalized" to pay twice the price? I'm guilty of it, I purchased a Roy DX at over $300......and I just paused typing that.
  9. I know this is going to sound "old mannish" but has anyone else at one point stood back and said......WTF......$300 for a "coveted statuette".......ummm....toy. I've been a fan of this stuff since 1984 but holy toledo......my 1984 side is looking at this and saying.......ohhhh heeeeeeell no.....you'll never have one of those in your lifetime.....and here I am, one orders. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the stuff that goes into making this stuff but to pay basically twice the price.......seems to be normalized these days. I mean geeez......I don't see any of this stuff at MSRP any more.
  10. Anyone have (good or bad) buying experience from ToysOneJapan?
  11. One question, I noticed the Roy DX has a stand included or at least it was pictured that way in a few places. Does any of the previous DX kits have that?
  12. Yeah, I saw that........and I checked eBay. ughhhhhhh
  13. So, a little late to the game.......anyone know where you can still preorder the VF-1S Roy DX thats not $300?! aghhhhhhh
  14. Hello Macrossworld, I hate to do this but I'm putting my beloved VF-1S Robotech Master Collection Bookends from Toynami for sale!!!! You can fallow this link for all the details........... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...T&viewitem= I'm not around here much these days but I've sold items through here before....here's a link to other items I've sold http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...76&hl=pcfly Email me here or through Ebay if you need more info. Thanks for looking and happy bidding!!!!!
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