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  1. Really glad this will be coming out! Always wanted a "Not-Monster" but will never have the room. Also, more "Not-Battroids" are always great. Wonder if we'll get a fighter mode down the line.....
  2. Got my TV Max today, great toy... except the thruster on the right leg wouldn't extend to open into a foot. Had to unscrew the leg just to get it out. Any tips on how to fix this so i do not have to unscrew and screw inorder to transform the toy?
  3. Glendale, NY is on the map.... well for the first time ever.
  4. 1/60 VF-1D "Virgin Road"..... I picked a bad time to start buying these. Geez I already bought TV Max 1A and I'm down for a VT-1... But now this, oh boy I'm gonna need that second job. But, I'm still stoked they are actually making this
  5. Wow, I can't even think of what to say. I found this thread today and I'm just blown away buy the size of the project and the ammount of time put into it. Just a quick question: I'm not good with scale conversions, so how big is a 1/200 Destroid kit anway? I found some old Destroid toys around the house (prob. from Exo-Squad toys) and wasn't sure if they fit that scale. Once again, great job.
  6. I really wish the CF color Valks came with the green uniformed pilots, rather then the yellow. I'd rather not have an army of Kakizaki's. Lets get those guys from Hiki's squad at the end of the series!
  7. Got an e-mail from HLJ that my VF-1A Max TV shipped! So crazy happy to be a step closer to getting my first 1/60 scale Valk.
  8. Ah, thanks. Glad to hear that they are working on that problem. Can't wait, I think I'll go pre-order it now.
  9. Not much of a frequent poster on here, but I was thinking of getting the TV VF-1A Max as my first 1/60 Valk. I only own one 1/48 so it doesn't impact a collection. I've always liked Max's colors and always had a soft spot for the TV VF-1A. When I saw the 1/48 limited version, I wanted it it so bad. But at that price its almost my paycheck. But, I was happy to see the 1/60th coming out. I do have a question: To date, I haven't seen any photos of the pilot figure. It is coming with one right? Also, I know is brought up a lot but I haven't seen any thing that clearly says it: will it have the shoulder problem? Don't feel like plunking down the cash only to have it break. Thanks
  10. Has anybody ordered any of the pilot recasts? Wanted to know how they looked and if they had to be painted when recived.
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