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  1. Muchas gracias
  2. Hello, I am from Ecuador, please, could someone recommend me a reliable store where I can try to acquire a macross dx figure, I have not been able to make a pre-order and I would like to try to get the one GBP-1 MACROSS DX REGARDS CHRISTIAN
  3. hi anyone know if v3 Bandai launched the VF- 25
  4. hi anyone know if arcadia re-launched the GBP-1 1/60
  5. balusi

    1/48 VF-1D

    Macross fans hello to someone tell me if I can still get a conversion of the vf-1d 1 / 48 and where I can do thanks for your help
  6. hello to all the fans of this work of art called Macross. someone could tell me if Yamato, Bandai Hasegawa or any of them launched the VF-2ss at any scale ?
  7. definitely the 1 / 60 v2 are as good as the 1 / 48 for me ire by 1/60v2 line and from what I have seen that Yamato was inclined now by 1 / 60 and I think I would like also ke Many fan of this masterpiece called Macross share the wish that Yamato launch a booster Valkyrie
  8. to see these images from the magazine on the Yamato vf-1D convinced me to buy the Valkyrie 1 / 60
  9. hello to all fans of this masterpiece called Macross. I have seen few photographs of VF-1D 1 / 60 I hope will be much better ke the previous one. someone you know if there is any conversion to VF-1D, EV-1 or VT-1 for 1 / 48 Yamato if so please where can I buy
  10. I saw the 2 and are good but I decided someone has the two versions and an comparison?
  11. hello to all someone could help me with this dilemma buy the 1 / 48 or 1 / 60 not to do
  12. I could say hello if someone Yamato launch the vt-1, go-1 and vf-1d 1 / 48? or any type of conversion for these?

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