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  1. yaiba


    sprue scans and build images
  2. The TZ-IV gun cluster is rather inaccurate on this model. It only has the grenade launcher, flamer, and 32mm machinegun mounted, and is missing the laser and 12.7mm machinegun. The front locator pin needs to be removed for parts 16-17 or there will be an unsightly lump in the barrel of the grenade launcher. I used Evergreen plastic strip to create rifling in the barrel The hatch covers were removed. The red circled area will have to be removed to add an interior to the missile launcher. The launcher will be modeled after the Mk 11 Hedgehog. I temporarily fitted a missile spigot to get the correct angle for the missile. Only 11 more to go on this side.
  3. Nice job on the Q-rau. I've been really tempted by this kit because of all the great builds people have been doing, but have managed to resist due to the scale... I second the sentiment!
  4. I've started building an Imai 1/72 Spartan that I got from 007-vf1. I have uploaded sprue scans in the folders section. The hands go together easily, but are a little misaligned, so some filing and filling is necessary to get everything flush. The locator pins for parts 49-50 and 51-52 need to be cut off for the circled feature to be aligned correctly. Unfortunately the missile pod doors are molded shut. If the pins are cut off this area will be a little off, and the inserts will not sit properly in their positions. The crossbars at the rear of the shoulders were glued only after dry-fitting the inserts. They will have to be clamped to hold the proper alignment until they dry. Some filing and filling will still be necessary. I may have to perform the dark arts on these parts so I can have something to work on to make open missile pods... I'll continue to post build progress here if there is any interest, but you can also visit my blog for progress.
  5. I finally break down and buy an Imai destroid, so of course someone announces that they are releasing a new kit Oh well, I'm not complaining either.
  6. If you don't like my "art" that's fine. Say so. "coloring is not art; the shadowing was done incorrectly; her bow is too big; you spelled Shiozaki incorrectly." These could all be legitimate criticisms. If you prefer to see a naked Ranka straddling a heart that's your own choice. Sorry I could not accomodate you. Making threats about it is uncool.
  7. Ranka in her senior year. with apologies to Yuji Shizaki.
  8. yaiba


    macross f wallpaper
  9. Ranka Guard!!!! Damn I'd like to get a sheet. The original art for that VF25 was in trainer orange though wasn't it?
  10. I guess this is why under Forum Rules and Guidelines it says: Section I: Prohibited Behavior 1. No religious or political debates. And just in case someone needs it:
  11. I think he drew a more important conclusion from Michel's death. That declarations of love are fatal. He didn't make a choice, and everybody got to live. QED.
  12. Unfortunately for Alto, in a couple of years, Ranka's Zentraedi genes will kick in, and she will take on her Meltran heritage and turn into Ryofu Housen.
  13. Not sure if anyone posted images, but here is a link to some images from Comiket last month: [Otaku2] Comiket 74 Cosplay I've gotta say that Ranka has some great legs. As for Sheryl... Well, you can see Ranka in the background in most of the pictures Best of all though: Twin-tails Minmay... .
  14. That slap was payback for all the Sheryl lovers/Ranka haters....ain't it a b#tch! No, I too felt bad for Grace. She was one of the best looking characters in the entire series, and I was hoping that Ranka could snap Grace out of her evil ways before she got whacked, but it was not to be. She, did die with some grace (no pun intended), when looking down the barrel of the rifle there was a look of recognition on her face; it was as if she thought: "I know I've got this coming!" Really sad but we knew it was coming. At least we got to see her birthday suit in cyberspace before she left us! Yup, payback's a b!tc#, but who says that Grace is really dead? That look she gave could have been of resignation as in "back to the drawing board" rather than "I'm so dead".
  15. she is talking not about blood in the literal sense but bloodlines, as in ranka (the daughter of ranshe) and sheryl (granddaughter of mao). More interesting would be what she meant by "both species". Did she mean humans and vajra, or humans and zentraedi?
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