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  1. ばぁろ~!! 酒が恐くて戦が、できるかってぇ。

  2. Song is magic...song is life...song is not dying.

  3. Well...the second Frontier movie came out in late February, and that's coming out on DVD in Blu-Ray in a bit over a month. Macross the First is still continuing...and a couple of new manga volumes are coming out in a week or so.

    Does that count?

  4. Heh. Yeah, it's so old, right?

  5. Let me put it this way...we've had TONS of Robotech fans show up and ACT like they love both series...but then attack Macross fans while being nothing but courteous and dainty to Robotech fans.

    If I misjudged you, I apologize.

  6. No, I'm not going to visit your crappy DVD-pushing website. Your ploy has failed.

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