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  1. Cruise may be a bit odd, but he does play a pretty good antagonist. I think he did a good job as Lestat in Interview and as Frank Mackey in Magnolia. I prefer him in those roles than the bland protagonists he always plays. I have to admit I liked Edge of Tomorrow though. There's definitely a darker side to that dude for sure.
  2. I still wish the feet would push into the engine bays more they stick out a little too much in the back.
  3. I sure hope the feet can be pushed further into the engine bays in fighter mode. I think there was line art for the VFX model not having the feet poke out so much in fighter mode. That's the only major thing that bothers me.
  4. I wish they could of separated and hid the feet a little more in fighter mode, the thrusters look a little to much macross plus/7 like and not so much flashback. Who knows maybe the feet can be pushed in. Otherwise, I think it looks great.
  5. It would be cool to have a detailed 1/4000 version to go along with the Yellow Sub SDF-1 kit.
  6. Some old films look incredible in HD, especially if they were recorded on 70mm film. I would look for those that have been converted to HD. A couple examples are: Gran Prix (1966) http://www.amazon.com/Grand-Prix-Blu-ray-James-Garner/dp/B004PHE9F6/ref=ed_oe_blu Also, 2001: A Space Odyssey
  7. People have said he's about 1/32 scale, same as the Alternity line. Big optimus was about 1/24 scale which matched the binaltech/alternators. Kind of looks like MP rodimus is also around 1/32, looking at the link below when compared to the binaltech rodimus which is 1/24. Masterpiece vs Binaltech
  8. True, I didn't even watch till the second season. I think what I'm trying to say is that maybe if they did reboot after T2 with some of elements of the show, like the secret organization of humans that seemed to be helping skynet go online. Kind of gives it a little different spin instead just skynet against all humans.
  9. How about they ignore T3 and T4 and do a the future wars movie based on the end from the Sarah Connner chronicles. The show story was starting to get interesting towards then with the t-1000 intrigue. Salvation really made telling a proper future wars story difficult and I don't see how you could continue down that timeline, or you do like was suggested before with a prequel.
  10. Saw at a real 50ft IMAX and all I can say is WOW! People were clapping at the end didn't see anyone who didn't like it. One of only movies that's was worth $12 it cost to see it there. No sure if I would want to see it on DID or a regular cinema now, you get tko'd with the combo of the film, screen and the surround sound.
  11. I would be nice if the footage from the DYRL game and Flashback 2012 was stitched into Macross DYRL to make an extended version. Possibly add new footage between DYRL and Flashback.
  12. Like most here prefer the sub, but after watching the dub on Hulu with Mari's voice was a bit strange at first, but she so completely made the Minmei character so much more enjoyable that it was on Robotech. I had a misconception of Minmei in the past as an annoying childish character and not so sexy, but Mari's voice made me understand why the Japanase like Minmei so much. She really gave the character a lot of sex appeal and maturity that was totally changed in Robotech. I also think Hikaru being Japanese, should have also had an accent also and not have been so close to the Robotech Rick. I
  13. Anybody see the flying HK in the SC Chronicles TV show this week. I liked the look and swept wing effect was cool. Surprised it didn't mow them down when it surfaced from the pit also that no one ran away. Is there any info on what the scales of HKs are, I'm guessing they were trying to mimic the small HK seen in the 3rd movie. They just seemed so much larger in the first two movies.
  14. Yeah it does looks a lot like the Shadow Chronicles Scott Bernard, but not exactly. I think if the beagle sculpt had a little less jaw bone, then the head wouldn't be so round and would look a bit closer to the anime Stick.
  15. So does the Toynami come with the beagle head as well? Looks like that one sits down better on the neck, too bad there's a ginormous screw hole in the side, but it's not too big a deal. Can't wait for these to come out. For the first time the bike has a proper front headlight and the inset rear taillight is a really nice touch.
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