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  1. Yes he volunteered and again, it was bad timing. The workshop he led was very much the same as last year's except a bit shorter. Appropriately, Tommy used one of his Minmei/Minmay drawings as the example. I watched him last year and admittedly found his demo somewhat interesting, though I already knew many of the tips he was giving (levels, masks, layers, transparencies, etc). And again, most people were in line for Mari so his audience was very small. I was one of those in line and since I had already seen his demo, I wouldn't have watched it again. As for RT/MW debates and differences, the attendees of MW Con are class acts and were welcoming, cordial, and discreet.
  2. Quick teaser. Will upload more later. And yes, Tommy was there giving his photoshop workshop. Bad timing because the majority of people were waiting in line to get Mari's autograph. (Not like I would really watch anyway.) ;-)
  3. Thanks Bee, >EXO<, Maiden Japan, BigKid24, Save, modcineaste, all the volunteers from the UCLA Japanese Anime Club, and anyone I missed for organizing and putting on THE BEST MW Con I've ever been to! Only been to three, but still... The displays were absolutely amazing, categorized and everything! Thanks to everyone who came out and shared their collections! The programs, shirts, and banners rocked! Great events and prizes! And thanks to NightmareB4Macross for a yummy and impressive cake as usual! Jason and I knocked out on the couch as soon as we got home. Will post pics later!
  4. Funny. Both you and Operator7G (Norge) were at RT25, but sitting at tables on opposite sides of the room! Norge is coming to MW Con tomorrow so maybe you guys can do a duet?
  5. Thanks for sharing! Love your Hikaru cel and the Invid/Inbit!
  6. Unfortunately only three came out and they're not that very sharp. Posted them on the previous page.
  7. Fortress_Maximus & Mercurial Morpheus: Thanks! And I, too, would like to see your Sentinels cel! :-D Mokman.... *bows Wayne and Garth style* I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! Seriously, WOW! What a wonderful collection!!!! Plus a Princess Mononoke too! If my husband and I ever won the lotto, we'd buy a house, travel-travel-travel, and go crazy with cels and Macross toys! :-D I hope things get better for you with your job situation. I was almost in a similar situation several months ago so I feel for you. Hang in there!
  8. Yeah, that 2.5K Minmei was from Anime Link. It was displayed Friday, then on Saturday *poof!* Good for the guy for saving up his money for so long! I love cels, but I don't think I could fork out remotely that much. And hey, there aren't that many Sentinels cels out there and it was free... so you're off to a good start.
  9. Love the shirt series, EXO! J and I will probably place an order for the 3rd one! And hopefully those AX cosplayers will attend MW Con. Never seen so many! There was a decent amount of Frontier cosplay last year, but because of the May'n & Megumi concert, the numbers exploded! Imagine that and Frontier is not available in the U.S.... Thanks HG.
  10. There was a 2.5K DYRL Minmei that a fan saved up for 3 years to purchase this year at AX. Great cel and definitely a dedicated fan! My next goal is to get a DYRL Misa and a Houquet/Fuke Eroze from Mospeada. But definitely WAAAAY under 2.5K! Otherwise, my husband and I have cels from Rurouni Kenshin, Fushigi Yuugi, YuYu Hakusho, Ninja Scroll, Goldenboy, InuYasha, and various others.
  11. Here are our purchases this year at AX 2010, Orguss, Southern Cross, Macross 7 and Macross DYRL:
  12. My husband, Jasonc, and I did a lot of shopping at AX this year. :-P But no regrets. Here are a couple of Macross / Mospeada cels we've purchased in the past:
  13. I'm not saying that Megumi is not hot. Frankly, she was a lot prettier in person at the panel than at the concert and just her persona at the panel made her even more refreshing and beautiful. Both are gorgeous and appeal to different markets! May'n was the better performer IMO and was gorgeous in person as well. Both were absolutely wonderful at the autograph signing and truly tried to connect with each fan. Both made direct eye contact with me (at least) and it didn't appear to be a fleeting, superficial thing. Just by their mannerisms, both appeared appreciative of their American fanbase. It's refreshing to see after living in superficial LA all my life.
  14. Photos from Saturday, July 3rd. Okay. The attachments are all out of order. Don't know what happened, but oh well.
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