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  1. If you don't mind about the delivery time and condition of the parcel at arrival, surface mail is about $21 and takes 1-2 month for delivery.
  2. The last valkyrie from Arcadia is in stock now: 1/60 YF-19 with fast pack ~$310
  3. Hi, Thanks for mentioning the sales. We are now offering for a limited time the Arcadia VF-1J 30th Anniversary Ltd @ ~$132 http://www.hkcollectibles.com/macross-robotech/7239-vf-1j-30th-anniversary-ltd.html
  4. Hi, Thanks for your post. Just revised some of the Macross 7 valks: VF-17S Diamond Force ~$158 each. The full list is here: http://news.hkcollectibles.com/2013/07/price-revised-for-macross-7-valkyries.html
  5. Hi, Just received a stock of VF-19P and VF-17 Super Pack in stock: http://www.hkcollectibles.com/macross-robotech/7151-vf-19p-planet-zola-patrol-color.html http://www.hkcollectibles.com/macross-robotech/7150-super-pack-for-vf-17-30th-anniversary.html
  6. Hi, I will get a few VF-4G Lightning III, price would be $464.00 Please PM to be in the waiting list.
  7. No idea if Yamato will do a re-issue for the VF-1J 30th. But we still have plenty of the standard VF-1J and super parts 30th: http://www.hkcollectibles.com/macross-robotech/6787-vf-1j-tv-version-1-60.html http://www.hkcollectibles.com/macross-robotech/7153-super-strike-parts-for-vf-1-with-optional-parts.html
  8. The Yamato VF-19S now @ $151 and the VF-17S @ $181: http://www.hkcollect...rald-force.html http://www.hkcollect...mond-force.html
  9. VF-19S Emerald Force @ $219: http://www.hkcollect...rald-force.html
  10. The Yamato Japan VF-19 Fire Basara Nekki now @ $193: http://www.hkcollect...sara-nekki.html
  11. The Yamato 1/60 VF-1A/J/S unpainted kits will be available in late November. The kits are limited edition, please check here: - VF-1A Unpainted Kit - VF-1J Unpainted Kit - VF-1S Unpainted Kit
  12. Hi, For the guys who missed the 1/60 VF-1S Roy TV Version, we just received a new stock. Please have a look here: 1/60 VF-1S Roy TV Version.
  13. Greetings to all fan of Macross! The Super Dimensional Fortress SDF-1 1/3000 is a more affordable scaled down of last year Yamato Japan's 1/2000 SDF-1. It will start shipping next week @ $334, check here: http://www.hkcollectibles.com/macross-robotech/6941-super-dimension-fortress-sdf-1-1-3000.html
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