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  1. Does anyone know if the missile packs will fit on VF-1's? That would be awesome if so.
  2. Just got my paypal confirmation from HLJ. With shipping it came out to $333.71 CAD (¥29,868 JPY shipped and I think it was the Black Friday Price). Pricey but after seeing these pics ME SO WANT!
  3. Yeah it would. What I don't understand is why HG dosn't try to reach out to Yamato to sell VF-1s, at the very least, in North America under the Robotech license? You would think it would be a win win....Well I want to think it that and that it would be as simple as just changing the box from Macross to Robotech but it's probably not even close. Until that miracle happens though I'll just keep importing. That being said I haven't bought a valk in so long it was a no brainer purchasing the Aniversery edition. I kinda like it....but maybe I am just a sailor who has been out to sea for too
  4. Ahh heck I'll buy one.......Just because I haven't bought a valk in so long now it feels strange.
  5. I still have the odd friend or two to play this with.......otherwise I am just buying into this like everyone else....NOSTALGIA! Yeah I love the palladium system. Combat can be a bit of a head ache sometimes but it's fun to play. You can play as almost anything in any setting. The only draw back is the bazzlion books you will buy. Are you thinking Palldium or Battletech?
  6. FYI Project goal was $70,000 and with 31 days to go they have raised $186K. So it's looking good so far.
  7. I would not be too concerned about it. Palladium has been making Pen and Paper RPGs for decades. If there is a delay it will be because of the book and not the figures IMO. Siembieda has a habit of over extending himself on work and micromanaging to much IMO. Also Palladium has been running crowd funding on their own website to release products for a year or two now and while they have a tendancy to be late they have always released the product. So if they are saying Dec. 2013, I wouldn't be too worried about it just don't be surpriesed if they are 6 months late. Hopefully the Kickstarter
  8. FYI they have informed me before. Just pissed me off a little when I checked the forum this morning and I could not find my topic. Also I don't care if they are not obliged or not. I would have just liked a smiggen of curtesy, besides I don't think it is obvious to only post Macross to the game page. There is plenty of talk of Robotech there. I don't want to make a big deal of this guys. Just me venting my frustration.
  9. ????WTF????? If the moderators are going to move someone's topic the least they could do is TELL THEM THEY ARE DOING IT! I posted this in the gaming thread cause you know....it's a game...........ah Macross Forums....
  10. Terrible. I have almost every Rifts and Heros Unlimited book and they rarely meet their release dates, That being said they are partnered with another company so they might be forced to...we will see.
  11. Don't know... would like to have a 11x17 of it to put up on a wall though.
  12. So the Kickstarter launched for Robotech RPG tactics: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rrpgt/robotech-rpg-tacticstm It easily met it's target already. The miniatures look pretty good but it's quite expensive. $70+$30shipping to get into the game....? I could swallow the $70 but the $30 to shipping outside of the US seems a bit steep. Anyone thought of getting into this? I bought into the $140 pledget (+$30 shipping) but I still might back out to the bare minimum pledge yet. There is 32 days to go. Then again I might not....with no valks to buy my toy budget is actually startin
  13. Does anyone know what the current fair market value for the Max and Mira Valks are? I've seen them as buy it now at over $600 on ebay but that seems way over priced. I was thinking it would be somewhere in the $200-$300 (a piece) range or am I completly off base?
  14. Yeah I know...... Anyway does anyone know what the current fair market value for the Max and Mira Valks are? Ive seen them as buy it now at over $600 on ebay but that seems way over priced. I was thinking it would be somewhere in the $200-$300 range or am I completly off base?
  15. Looking for both 1/60 v2. Max and Mira VF-1J valks. I missed out on these and ebay is not being kind. Does anyone have them for sale? I don't care about mint in box,aas long they are mostly complete. I am sure I have enough spare missles lying around if they are missing a missle or two. Thanks.
  16. If that is all we got this year I would be happy. Yamato unlike Bandai seems to want my money anway.
  17. Ouch that hurt. Cheapest shipping that Hobby Fan offered to Canada was $40.....$233 total for this POS. So I preordered it anyway even though I know I getting ripped off.....man I am such a sucker for this crap.
  18. Well you all voted. And Devastator came down......awwwwww......... Devastator/Hercules is still in my office though.....
  19. Damn I knew I would miss out on this. Why the hell dosen't Bandai make more of these available to the export websites? It's obvious that demand is far outstriping the supply there. Fine F**K you Bandai. I want to give you my money but it seems you don't want it. I just know there is going to be the same problem with the YF-30 as well. Looks like I am sticking with Yamato.....I just wish their recent offerings weren't so expensive.......VF-4....so.....awesome......but.....the......price.....oh.....the...price..........
  20. I want this.....the only problem is that I bet this is going to be another limited quantity or web exclusive. I will never be able to find one just like the renewals. I somehow got lucky and got the first one but I have missed out on everyone since.
  21. I work with a good group of guys who are generally not a*&holes. It seems scary but it's not really. I live basically in the middle of the NorhAmerican contenent in Saskatchewan Canada. No Earquakes and Tornadoes/Huricans. The only problem is the cold in the winter. It's -30C today. With the windchill it's -36C.....brrrrrr.....
  22. Wow such hate for the Devastator......well this is the macross forum. Maybe a couple of pics will change some minds?? Probably not but here goes.
  23. I have another space underneath the 3 but it is not tall enough for them. I move the Quater down there but I had to fold down the stacks. Good point....never thought about that. Yep. We had an office clean up though and I was told I was only allowed to keep 5 or 6 in my office. I bought IKEA detolfs and moved them home. I will put picks up later of that. I just haven't gotten around to tidying it up.....sounds like a good weekend project. I should get off my ass and get that done.
  24. Oh and for those of you who are wondering it's not necessarly a Macroos themed shelf. Just Giant Robot.
  25. Ah but it is not a TransformerTM it's a TFC Hercules........ Yeah I know splitting hairs there. Anyway I've been adding some Masterpiece and other Transformers to my collection after picking up some of the Masterpiece Seekers and some of the Generations reimaginings of the old G1 and G2 toys. What can I say I am a sucker for new transforming robots from the 80s....and GI Joes........maybe my habit is getting a bit out of hand. Ah well I can start giving some of the GI Joes to my nephew soon. He's 3 so maybe in another year or so.....
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