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  1. How long has it been since you saw it? Take a look again. It's bad. I'm guessing the scene perhaps needed to be reanimated again at a very late stage, so that was the best they could do before it had to air. I'm going to be surprised if it still looks like that on the BD.
  2. We know from magazine interviews that the other voices were the top brass from Galaxy. Why would the VF-27's not be piloted? Because they had a large ammount of ghosts as well? Don't find one being proof of the other. I sure think they were, same with Battle Galaxy, The Dulfim classes and Kaitos classes all being crewed. If you don't like the fact that anyone would willingly serve the evil Galaxy plot, keep in mind that at least for the VF-27's the pilots all _have_ to be cyborgs, so they could all have "slave mode" in case they wanted to break free. But I'm not about to assume that a previously manned craft is suddenly unmanned.
  3. Looks like Sheryl with wings to me. Guessing its a kind of "nose" art
  4. I would add the kitty fight from episode 10 to that... Actually rather curious as to how some of these will look on the BD/DVD release, as I can't imagine them leaving it like 'em as is.
  5. But this wasn't location bound. It happened suddenly, and over a large area that had previously been unafffected. It simultaneously hit the Zentradi base and Alto's VF-25.
  6. It's been announced. Don't know anything beyond this though.
  7. I'd imagine capital punishment since it was in effect a coup d'etat.
  8. Because someone (Grace) was emitting a D-pulse burst. It wasn't the Global. At the start of the episode, the Zentradi ship also goes blank when hit by the same D-pulse burst.
  9. Does it really matter how exactly? Led them with foldwaves perhaps? What good does knowing that do? Knowing is better than not knowing, admittedly, but I think you're again making something into a much bigger deal than it really is.
  10. This message board is actually very tame when it comes to these things compared with how ugly things get out there in the wild...
  11. The arm does get damaged along with the leg, however it is still looking damaged in the later shot even though it is being used. So no bug.
  12. In universe perhaps. But out of universe the explanation is simple: they only just started with the ship naming in frontier.
  13. Indeed. Also might add that I vastly prefer the ships to have names than just classtype and number.
  14. Indeed. Most seem to call him mushroom head or any variation there of counting both japanese and western fans. Anyway he was quite the fool
  15. Saw at least 2 dulfim class and 2 kaitos class vessels as well, an at least one dozen green VF-27's. Wouldn't be surpised if most of the Galaxy militairy was present. Only really the city block missing, which would make sense not to bring into a war zone.
  16. 04 Global actually. Or to quote hime: "Macross Class 4th ship Global"
  17. The super queen aint dead. It lost it's head, but that's non-fatal to a Vajra, whose mind is housed in the gut.
  18. Ah, so it said NMCV... leads me to question, what does the V stand for? Also if the SDF is reffering to a macross class escort, that would mean that the Global was either the escort for Megaroad 03 before it became the flagship of the 117th research fleet, or that there were two lines of Macross class warships exisiting in paralell (04 Macross "Global" and SDF-4) SDF-2 is clearly listed with Megaroad 01 though, so that would mean it also had a macross class escort. Or that the SDF refers to the megaroad itself like we thought all along.
  19. Haven't gotten my volume 2 BD yet... but with the DVD and BD versions of volume 1 you got basicly the exact same things. Only difference was that the booklet for the BD-version was smaller since the BD-case is smaller than the DVD one.
  20. We also see "Super Dimension Fortress" written over all the Megaroad's, and "New Macross Class Aircraft Carrier" over Frontier and All the Macrosses. Too blurry to read, but what's the designation for the latter? NMC?
  21. uhm... The Vajra taught her it? The Queen on the Global specifically? How do you usually learn a song from someone? Got the disease from 'hanging' out with the queen? If I were to speculate (oh how sinful of me), the Queen might have deliberately infected her to as an attempt at communication, as it'd allow her to hear fold waves, not knowing it'd prove fatal. I think I recall Grace saying something like "Why do you keep covering for that thing, even to the point where it gave you that" with regards to her illness. Uhm, by doing bad things to them? Does it matter? You're making it to a much larger deal than it needs to be, raging over the plothole when in truth we don't need to know what happened exactly. Knowing more would be nice, but it doesn't cripple the show not knowing.
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