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  1. I interpret the scene in the last episode of Frontier where we finally see who was in Bilrer's locket, to be some indication that the Megaroad issue is still open and perhaps will be addressed in a future series.

    Funny, I interpret it as it telling us to finally "let it go", which to me is what Bilrer seemed to do at the end when he closes the locket with a soft sigh.

  2. then is "7TH Coodo" stupid writing system that leaves the "R"s out, for me that sounds like code, Case closed.

    You've still got a thing or two to learn about transcribing Japanese if you're dismissing chord as a potential match for "koodo", based solely on the lack of an r which would then come with another vowel to mess up the pronounciation.

  3. MF Movie has new Valk??????????????????????????






    Interesting. I'd wager the 劇場版記念機体 (theatrical feature anniversary machine) and 劇場版公開機体 (theatrical feature opening machine) are probably just going be some minorly redesigned, different paint job type releases (Like with DYRL?), but the third シークレット (secret), definately feels like it could be something entirely new.

    Wasn't there some public interview at an event or similiar some months ago, where Alto's VA said to Kawamori that the movie ought to introduce something like a VF-29, to which Kawamori cryptically replied that he might be surprised at what he's going to be flying in the movie? Anyone else have a memory of something like that?

  4. so in short you just cant put the Galaxy, Frontier, the VF-27, all the VF-25's AND the Quarter in the same image and still them form an effective, balanced layout in a triptych format. boy isn't Package design fun! (I hate when I actually learn something from these god awful graphic design classes I'm taking :wacko: )

    Well no, including the Quarter (in the spine area) would have meant that Alto's VF would have to go, simply no room for anything more than one object there. That would meaning removing the main 'hero mech' of the show from the picture, and that's a big no-no. So it's a no go right there. Even so I would have perhaps liked such a version more (despite what my username and avatar might indicate), it'd capture the moment before the last episode in what potentially looked like a three way situation, each side symbolized by their own 'macross'...

    At any rate, I don't dislike it as it is by any stretch. Not even sure what I'm trying to argue here.

  5. It looks like there is supposed to be a middle part too.

    They're scans of the box that shipped with the first pressing of the DVD/Bluray of Frontier volume 9. The part in the middle would be the spine of the box where we have Alto's VF-25 posing with Michels sniper gun pod. Quite nice but I wonder why they didn't go with the Quarter? It's rather absent


  6. At least he has Ali al-Saachez (Hughes) to keep him company ^_^

    Hughes was always 'Ali' (Fujiwara) though. No change means everything feels as it should be.

    I guess I just identify Okawa as Mustang more than other character, so a non-Okawa Mustang feels kind of off.

    Miki's Mustang isn't bad but Okawa left big shoes for him to fill.

    Given how things transpire in the story Hughes wont be nearly as


    as Ali. :mellow:

  7. Yes...I'm lucky in that I have a long-term goal that I'll probably never reach: translating the Tale of Genji.

    Macross is merely a stepping stone to that end point. B))

    That's some ambition there! :blink:

    Classical Japanese scares me, though I've admittedly never done a focused attempt at learning it. My strenghts have always been listening and dialouge, which of course are of little use there. My limited exposure to last century material (or seeing as we're nearly a decade into the 2000's, last last century) felt difficult enough, and Genji in comparison is a millenium old.

    I wish you good luck!

  8. Second episode aired... They decided to cover a lot of ground in this one. Guess they're trying not to focus too much on the first parts of the story, before the old anime completely veered off from the manga (though it did admittedly sport big differences right from the getgo), and get to the completely unanimated stuff sooner than later.

    As for voice acting changes, Grace O'Connor as Lust was a nice move, but the loss of Jeffery Wilder as Roy Mustang hurt. <_< Oh well hopefully I can grow accustomed to hearing "Lockon" instead. Other changes didn't really produce any reaction in me.

  9. In 7 it was established that DYRL was also a movie within the SDFM timeline universe as well, so that's why DYRL, the song, is known by everyone there too. I do seem to recall that the in-universe version of DYRL was somehow different from ours though.

    Anyway, plus, 7, and Frontier are all in the SDFM timeline.

  10. I've just finished Macross F and I wondered:

    Was that Minmay (sic) singing in the final battle? I've listened several times and I'm sure I'm hearing three distinct voices.

    Nice to see some familiar things in F though (the robo-can sweeper was also seen in DYRL!)

    The third distinct voice is Sakamoto Maaya, who voices Ranka's mother. In universe, I figured it was the Vajra who sang, kind of like in ep 14.

    Of course that's technically after the final battle... until then its all Ranka and Sheryl

  11. Hate to burst anyone's bubble, but there was no direct statement that a VF-28 was supposedly gonna appear in the movie.

    "'I'll take the liberty to say this from the male audience pont of view, but wouldn't it be alright if a VF-28 or something were to appear?' Nakamura said, conveying a request for mecha. And when he did, Kawamori gave a suggestive response 'You might fly in something unexpected.'"

    So kawamori is hinting that there might be something new.

  12. Sorry, I was thinking of...what is it..."Jizen"? Anyway, it's 自然.

    And the whole thing: 自然再生計画.

    I admit that I tend to do the Chronicles contents pretty mch the moment I wake up on Wednesday mornings, and I try to do them quickly, so sometimes I'm a little off, either due to fuzzy brain, or simply not wanting to bother to check my kanji dictionary.

    On reflection, I assume that it is indeed referring to "nature reclamation," but that seems like a strange thing to have a Technology Sheet for.

    It's "shizen" ;)

    Anyway, seems my hunch was right, woot.

  13. Though I have not seen the original japanese, but perhaps its meant to say "Nature restoration plan" or something similiar? Ie, restoring the earth's ecosystem. Of course, I seem to recall that the ship that Kamjin repaired had crashed in some thriving jungle, so that was perhaps never so much of an issue... but Hikaru was reacting to seeing flowers in that one episode...

  14. I'll be purchasing the CD from Amazon Japan.

    BTW. Is this the same CD where she sings Voices and other Macross songs?

    Don't think such a CD exists. Only other past macross songs she's sung are the ones that were actually used within Frontier itself.

    The single Tenshi no e no gu came from, only has that, the other songs non macross related.

  15. lol... yeah, I think lately I am somehow becoming more good at that lately.

    But hey, anything that is missing in the rapidshare file, you can grab directly from Animepaper. Also I believe APrip's torrent also has the older Macross scans in RAR files.

    But anyway, here's Macross Zero for your trouble :)

    Will upload Macross 7 in a moment.


    *leeches in the background*

    Oh please do go ahead, good sir. ^_^

  16. Hi Guys,

    Looking for some help here

    I bought the complete collection of Macross frontier (1 pack), but the English subtitles wont work. Any suggestions?

    I contacted the retailer I bought it from but no answer. The DVD gives me the option of english subtitles, but they don't show on the screen

    I would appreciate any help. I am new to M Frontier.



    Complete set with english subtitles, eh? Means it's a bootleg. As for why the the subtitles don't show, no idea. Perhaps they're not encoded properly? I think there was a thread discussing malaysian set with subtitles.. perhaps you got that one? Anyway this is the news thread.

  17. I'm just trying to learn more about how things are in Japan so I ask questions, forgive me. :) I am an unlearned American :lol:

    So, were you joking, or asking that seriously? :mellow:

    Edit: Just in case, B-side refers to a song on a single that's not the main song, the main one being called the A-side. This way of calling it comes from the days of records when the songs were indeed recorded on different sides of the record. As far as I know not unique to Japan.

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