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  1. In anticipation of the YF-19 I re-arranged my display case last night: Overview Top Shelf Left Top Shelf Middle Top Shelf Right Second Level, all Macross Frontier Second Level Right, come on bandai, reissue the 25s Third Level Left Third Level Right, The blank space is reserved for yf-19 Fourth Level Left Fourth Level Right Bottom Left Bottom Right
  2. Finanlly have my VT-1 shipped from japan via EMS. 26000 yen total for a brand new one is not bad at all.
  3. the downside of living in new york is the lack of space
  4. Had the display case for almost three months and still only managed to have just a handful ones display since I am still working on setting up my macross hanger and talking about the hanger, just complete the floor today. When completed it should use 22 mechanical chain bases. the pad and runway the right wing of the hanger, plan to build a second tier so I try to mimic some sort of elevator platform on the base and plan to add 3 more pads on the second level.
  5. contacted otacute and got a response today. looks like their stock will arrive on 6/28.
  6. found a weathered vf-1s max for a little over 300, not sure if I will pull the trigger.
  7. i bought mine from ebay about 1 year ago.
  8. I wasn't into the color scheme so i didn't buy the cavaliers when bbts has it on clearance. Furtunately my secret overseas source still have a couple in stock and i was able to buy it for around 120 last week.
  9. damn, very tempted to sell my MM 1Js at these insane prices.
  10. did a quick book keeping and ytd i have spend about 4500 on toys already. 2.3k goes to macross and 2.2k goes to chogokin, saint seiya and other hobbies.
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