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  1. Nice bert. Getting to see this in person on the weekends is really exciting (just like your launch arm and factory sb). Ill follow your build from here since its much more interesting and detailed than the other forum.
  2. Just the usual hairline crack of the shoulders. Better have replacements ready just incase. Nah, I just needed a new one.
  3. After 3 weeks from my initial request, Overdrive has my parts awaiting for payment and is ready to be shipped. Seems they request multiples just fine as long you explain how many Valks you have. Requested: 4 x 1/60 VF-1S Roy Ver Arm Parts(2x Left, 2 x Right) 1 x 1/60 VF-1S Roy Ver Head Part 1 x 1/60 VF-1A Hikaru Ver Arm Part (Left)
  4. Wow thats huge. The hesitation to get this is strong in me(money/space). WANT it though.
  5. Do you guys think they will include Fast Pack Versions of those coming in March? Or will we be forced to buy stand alone Fast Packs?
  6. @crescens: What ever it is you are smoking, I would like to have some aswell
  7. I guess to sum it all up, everyone agrees its a nice figure. Some like the pose and clothing (or lack of it) and will get it, some will pass. Ill just wait for a uniform/normal dress/concert dress figure.
  8. I think he had the only army contact needed, the secret support of Capt. Maximillian Jenius. Then later on when it was confirmed that the power of song affected the Protodevln, they made Sound Force public.
  9. add in the Team Gurren cape too while you are at it.
  10. adrianop

    Yamato stands

    @ Macette: is it already the one with correct screws?
  11. Its a nice figure, but I am not a fan of showing alot of skin. I like my pvc figs classy. Why couldnt they just start of with her with the white uniform/yellow dress/concert dresses?
  12. adrianop

    Yamato stands

    This is really nice, and hopefully cheap. The stacking really saves space in display cases.
  13. Asking whether to buy a valk on a Macross board. Hehe its like you want to be tempted to buy it somemore. With that said I vote yes if you havent bought it already.
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