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  1. I never had a friend that would gift me a valk. Can you be my friend?
  2. Maybe Nippon-Yassen will carry the pf? JK! Couldn't hold in my laughter typing that.
  3. Finally! Been waiting for a pf yf-19 to get the intake warnings tampooed. Though it should've been on the regular release to begin with.
  4. Is the 1D still being offered through the tamashi site?
  5. Considering how all of valkyrie factory's offerings have sold out. I'm surprised they haven't pumped up the releases. They should be at least doing VF-1 reissues and new paint schemes.
  6. So are every valk of this release have the shoulders issue? Or is it only a few of them?
  7. Really don't want to use DHL since they also add another 50-70 dollars of customs fees.
  8. Damn just got this from Amiami in regards to Canada: We are contacting you to inform that your order has been placed on hold for shipment. This is due to a temporary shipping suspension to your country/region, and your order will be shipped once shipping resumes. The suspension is affecting the following shipping methods: EMS, Air and all SAL shipping methods. There are currently no available shipping methods that you can select for this order. Please note that suspended shipping methods will be shipped when shipping resumes to your country/region. Looks like i'm not getting my Roy 1/48 and SOC Arcadia anytime soon.
  9. I've been waiting for the Raven's scheme since yamato's 1/60. I still keep around the 1/72 because they won't release this recolor.
  10. Not me. Still don't have one.
  11. Surprised there hasn't been more reaction to this reveal?
  12. Sandman

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Wow that was unexpected. Didn't think they would release the speaker/projection pack. Hopefully they aren't color specific per valk.
  13. It's strange because the Frontier line was complete. They released pretty much every valk you could want from that series and then some.
  14. I want the Tan VF-171 from delta minus the exploding parts. Come on Bandai. And super parts for the remaining delta flight. Ridiculous we can't display Delta flight with their super parts.
  15. No i don't. I just know because they emailed me.
  16. Unfortunately they add 3000 yen for customs.
  17. Well it looks like Oh My Primus wasn't able to fulfil their preorders. They refunded me my money. This sucks. Though maybe dodged a bullet? Looks like this release may be a lemon.
  18. Looking at my refund i realized i got screwed on currency exchange. Ended up losing $200 due to currency conversion. Grrrr.
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