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  1. unless you do some serious mods....no the landing gear will not retract, its a either they are on or off scenario. If you want retracting gear get a yamato or chunky monkey.
  2. thanks for the comments, please again note I am not going to buy a vf-21 or vf-19 for him those I would only consider for myself too much money for an 11 year old kid. Will
  3. yeah you should see his sw lego collection, i really spoiled him........its funny he rarely plays with the sw legos just leaves em on the shelf and gets really mad if any of his friends want to play with em.....its pretty funny actually. the model might be the ticket............ still need mospeada toy feedback from someone though.... and again regarding chunky monkeys....he already has one.....I think he wants something different and a little more modern looking.....but it is the obvious choice.
  4. the yf-21 would be for me I am aware of the difficulty of transformation........I was thinking maybe the vf-0 for him......maybe.........man I am getting psyched for saturday.... Will
  5. A variety of reasons..........mostly I was just taking a break from it. I think my wallet needed a break. Plus I got pretty into legos with my son and his interest in that is starting to wane. any feedback on the alpha beta and ride armor toys? are any of them not suitable for him? I know of the cms megahouse and toynami versions.........any one of these really fragile?
  6. okay good feedback guys. keep it coming. He has my old jetfire already, he is really in love with the vf-25 so if he sees it, its gonna be hard to pass up, however, he also likes the alpha and beta's and the ride armors from mospeada. Are any of those a good choice? any mospeada toys that should be avoided at all cost like the 1/72 vf-11? as far as letting an 11 year old transform a 100 dollar toy.......... he understands about taking care of his toys as much as one could hope. and part of it is to keep him outta my stash, the boy needs his own. these are not the vf's you have been looking for! I just really dig making him super stoked, taking him to frank and sons is gonna blow his mind. I guess the sappy part of it......please excuse me, is I am doing what I didn't get when I was a kid. anyway, the vf-21 is pretty damn hot huh......so is the vf-0, but I cant really spend that much on myself this go around. I hope the 19, 21 and 0 will still be around once I can get fluid $$, got a new good paying job just need to catch up after being laid off for 3 weeks.
  7. my plan is to let him actually transform it. The shoulder issue has me worrying about the v2 1/60 toys..........he is going to get a little rough with them and I want it to be his rather than something I buy for myself to let him play with.
  8. ok so its been almost 2 years maybe longer.....and oh my lucky for my bank account I didnt know all the wonderfull things happening on the yamato and bandai etc... front, macross frontier......whats this? anyway so I am about to make my first couple of purchases and its quite hard trying to catch up with everything that has happened while I was away. number 1: my sons 11th birthday is on saturday, he really wants a macross toy, we will be at f&s this weekend. my question is of all the macross toys (valks) out now which is most suitable for an 11 year old? my first feeling is the bandai vf-25 dx is more than likely the most sturdy. Are the dx's at f&s?? Any yamato's like the zero or 19 or 22 that would be better or make a suggestion for an 11 year old macross fan. number 2: I want to buy a v2 1/60 scale valk with strike parts while im at f&s which one is the newest one that is out? hikaru 1s? I want to buy the latest gen one that has the most recent qc adjustments. Not a big fan of the tv schemes or hikaru 1j so I am kinda sticking to DYRL ones for now. I wish there was a timeline somewhere with details of what was released when etc...... should I wait on the v2 valks and go for a zero or 19 or 22 instead of the v2 1/60? I feel like I need some direction too many (never enough) toys out there right now. Help me out im drowning!!! Will
  9. I am in for one vf-11 when the time comes
  10. I think the one he made was a differen't kit. It was a resin garage kit and not the bandai one
  11. missle launchers are crooked is the only complaint I have.........but I fixed them with a file and some elmers.......
  12. just curious how easy this game is for english speaking peoples..........so the game has english in game language........anyone care to elaborate?
  13. tight! lets see fighter mode and gerwalk!!!! Will
  14. I would do panel-lines first, then apply takatoys, then re-apply over stickers in lines. This helps the stickers to look more painted on rather than like stickers.
  15. Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was the one that started that nausicaa thread..............This is great news.
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