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  1. I wrap the bodies and heads separately in bubblewrap and store in a plastic tray when not in use. For picture taking I place them on felt and either lean them back or use a stand for support. Looking into getting an actual display case, but they are kinda pricey over here.
  2. This will be a Wonderfest item, by Gokigen-Seimetsu/Eminence, the same people who did the YF-21 gerwalk conversion kit.
  3. These parts might have been mistaken for a launch arm
  4. That was easy. As most guessed it is a battloid conversion kit for the Hasegawa VF-22S with parts for the YF-21 as well. Look closely at the heads.
  5. Sorry but its going to be a Gundam one. Well with a head swap it could be Macross but it wouldnt be as funny. The joke is central to the characters used. Most of the figures have 4 legs BTW. The working title for the diorama is "pleasedontbanme"
  6. My next project is a multi figure piece so it will take some time. Lets see some of you guys make some conversions, I know I`m not the only gashapon fan here. Always nice to see someone elses take, variety is the spice of life.
  7. 1) they had a huge massive display area. they had it roped off and only let a couple people in at a time, there was a very long line to get in. 2) 50 kits can be cleared out in 5 minutes easy. Since most have less than 50 of any particular kit it can take even less time if it is a highly sought after item. If you want to hit more than one table you have to get there early and run very fast. It is physicaly impossible to get everything you want, you need either the timestop ablility and/or teleportation. 3) Not sure about this one, I just get it as part of a group 4) West hall block A thru E (first floor) block F (second floor) there is no wall between block A and B 5) there are many people who line up days in advance and sleep outside in the freezing cold. Bring warm clothes and food. If you leave your spot in line, make sure you have someone hold it for you. Someone you trust. Once inside, run. Have enough small bills and change so you can pay quickly. Try not to run over people, and vice versa. Good luck, you will need it.
  8. Yeah the white and red color variant of the Moto Bisar is outstanding. They fixed the shoulder armor problem. The Ragna figure also is a color variant, clear red. Best of all he has both a helmet head and normal head that you can switch.
  9. It was pretty hot here in MW when it came out. Surprised you guys didn't catch us raving about it here in the forums. Me and Anubis and a few others were also abit annoyed at Tokyo Central for lack of an email response for our late shipments....but it reached us eventually.... Ah yes, I had all but forgotten about the Tokyo Central thing. They really did seem to handle that poorly. Now I'm mad at them all over again. I hope Asuka comes hassle-free. Trust me, its is quite a hassle. Its mail order only. Hardest part was tracking down the Shonen Ace issues to get the cupon. They sold out in a matter of days.
  10. "a good thread" is that another euphamism for your monster?
  11. Bariaburu Faita


    While the limited licence system isnt perfect, it allows for regular people to make licenced kits. People who would not be able to afford a real licence. I`m sure Big West would rather have more major toy companies pay megayen for a real licence, but they make do with what they can get. People arent exactly lining up to produce Macross products that dont sell in large volume. Liquid Stone, Patemori-Soba, Gokigen-Seimetsu, and UNbalance are not trying to piss people off by releasing limited numbers of kits. They are trying to serve the Macross fanbase to be best of their limited monetary and time resources will allow. Liquid Stone has done their part to attempt to release their items in a mass produced fashion through Yamato. The VB-6 is an example of this. They provided a YF-19FP prototype long ago, its in Yamato`s ballpark now. All indications are that they will continue to provide as many variable resin kits as they can make.
  12. Bariaburu Faita


    IIRC Seichi contacted them before to arrange just such a transaction for the Koenig Monster resin kit. But doing so would be a violation of their limited licence. If word got out to Big West of another transaction like that they could loose the ablility to make any more Macross kits in the future. Which I think would be a big loss to variable resin kit fans worldwide. Understand...but from what I understand the limited license does not preclude them from buying more limited licenses (for other WF's) and they can sell some outside of WF as long as at least more then 1/2 are sold at WF. Youve had contact with them in the past...would you consider asking them? It would be a nice olive branch for them to extend to us. Where have you heard that about the limited licence? That is very different than what I have heard. Since Rob has actualy aquired a WF licence I would tend to believe what he has said. Wonderfest kits have always been strictly event only items. Specificaly the licence is only good from 10am to 5pm of the event day. Any unsold items can not be sold by the original maker untill the next wonderfest. Look at Patemori-Soba for an example of that in their current release schedule. Of course there are sellers that break that rule, and they do so at risk of loosing future licences. I was able to chat with them at the last wonderfest like Rob and Noel have done in the past, but that in no way gives me the ability to ask them to break wonderfest rules and risk loosing their licence. As far as olive branches go they probably are looking for one from macrossworld. They probably arent too happy about their kits being recast here. And already people have put up the recast call on their newest YF-19. Its not even out, wasnt there a rule where no recasts unless its out of production? Liquid Stone is not likely to go out of buisiness any time soon, and the YF-19 proves they are willing to redo old kits that people want, so nothing from them is out of production. There has been a recent change to the rules though, the Big West hard cap of 20 kits per WF has been lifted so Liquid stone can request to make as many kits as they can make. I would assume they are limited by time since they have to hand make each kit by hand. And of course they have to make other kits to sell as well, at the same time produce prototypes for various toy companies. But of course they can probably make more for the next wonderfest.
  13. Bariaburu Faita


    IIRC Seichi contacted them before to arrange just such a transaction for the Koenig Monster resin kit. But doing so would be a violation of their limited licence. If word got out to Big West of another transaction like that they could loose the ablility to make any more Macross kits in the future. Which I think would be a big loss to variable resin kit fans worldwide.
  14. Yes, I was offering to get these for people at $24 plus shipping each. If I got a better response at the start I could have gotten 50 of em. But people started asking for them after the issues were all sold out.
  15. Bariaburu Faita


    You can see photos and detailed transformation at Mr. Sakuragawa`s homepage; http://homepage3.nifty.com/rs-labo/
  16. Its a simple head swap. Head from CMS Mylene, body from Vampire Savior 4 Lillith.
  17. What about sanding down the pegs, or tapering so they dont stress the holes as much?
  18. Come on people! Get back to the task at hand.
  19. Sorry Mao, you aren`t getting out of detention that easy
  20. Bariaburu Faita


    Some of us lack modeling and painting skills.
  21. How many shots can a AT rifle from Armor Hunter Mellowlink hold?
  22. I've heard that this YF-19 will be sold as a "completed resin model". I assume this means it will be finished like the kits SHE currently sells. Even better for those artistically challenged. Carl I was wondering about that as the name seemed to imply it would be sold as a completed item. Gonna have to try to score two I think. Let's hope the producion run is a decent size and the cost is not too high. Graham With the recent changes to the Big West licencencing procedure, the production run CAN be higher than previous macross Wonderfest kits. But not untill Summer `05. The initial release this coming wonderfest will probably be around 20. After that they can apply to have a larger production run.
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