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  1. The First one has a rainbow coating over the canopy where as the 2nd one (If I'm not wrong) comes with a laser pointer.
  2. All the shops are scattered around so u need to walk around...there are a few big ones by the main road as there are some smaller ones in the small roads...prices are slightly higher than Tokyo...
  3. Dashgtr

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Finally got the VF31A from Nippon. They actually missed out my order and i wrote to them a copy of times and it took them a week to reply and then 3 days later, preparation in progress then another 3 days later finally shipped. Its came without the original brown box, dent at one corner and the front sticker of the box is not firmly sticked on. Doesn't seem like they got it from Bandai but the outside market...Anyway they kept to their promise and i guess they are still trying to fulfill all the orders. For those who are still waiting...Hang in there.
  4. Dashgtr

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Mine too was cancelled
  5. Dashgtr

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Luck is just not on my side...I went into the site the moment the count down is over and its still out of stock no matter how many time i refresh...gave up 10 mins after...I already missed out on the VF-19 Advance...:(
  6. Hi, I am still looking for a a reasonable priced VF-25S & VF-25F DX 1/60 Version 2 (Renewal)...Was played out by Nippon Yasan as I placed an order with them only to get a reply and refund from them after a week telling me it's impossible to get it anymore hence making me missed out some deals and now unable to find any more. If you have one to let go do let me know thanks.
  7. Tks but I think it'll come up to be quite ex...I think I'll pass
  8. 300 Euro + Shipping to Singapore ok? whats the condition of the boxes any dents or damages?
  9. Saw this on Yamato's site. It looks different from the Limited 250 pieces Macross Chronicles 1/48 Weathering Hikaru. It's in a darker grey and not white.
  10. Yes there are 2 Q-Rare and the 2 Vajras...there is also the the prototype VF-25, a Red VF25 and the cannon version. Wasted that the monster, VF-27, VF-171 are not included, I think. There is a Photo mode which is very interesting as u can tranform in any mode and view in every angle....very nice i feel.
  11. My film cel is Ranka running up the stairs in the park...was wondering anyone here feels that the artwork besides the CG is actually not very good...kind of disappointed as it's a movie version, by right more effort should be put in. I personally feels that the artwork is no as good as the TV series...
  12. Hi anyone have any idea how to save the game for the trial version......can't seem to find it.
  13. It's only for the Macross Chornicle Lucky Draw and now that they have release the 1/60 version, so I guess they wouldn't remake it. I've got a set last year when I was in Japan. Paid about 30,000 Yen for it.
  14. Now i get it tks Blue Max
  15. Tks EXO U mean the VF-1J that comes with the GBP is diff from the one with the super pack?
  16. Anyone have any idea what are all this Limited Items from Yamato? Other then the weathering strike parts the rest looks just like normal VF-1J&A that was release before. http://www.yamato-toys.com/dev/release_070/ http://www.yamato-toys.com/ec/items/detail.php?gid=1695 http://www.yamato-toys.com/ec/items/detail.php?gid=1696 http://www.yamato-toys.com/dev/release_069/index.html?infolnk=index_pickup
  17. I think there is the normal unit in the last row then the Alto in the middle and then in the front the Alto unit with missle pack attached?
  18. Just got a Yamato 1st Anniversary VF-1S Hikaru from the HLJ sale. Was wondering if the reactive missile is suppose to be red on the tip same as shown on the outside of the box or just normal yellow. Mine is yellow.
  19. Just happen to see that even the pictures used on the Box, the SMS logo is upside down too.
  20. Got a VF-25F Tornado during the HLJ free shipping sale. and saw this when I opened it. Same as some of you guys here, one side SMS and the other SWS.....the SMS printed wrongly......
  21. Ordered a Macross Focker Special Messenger Bag & the Valuable Fighter Master File VF-19 Excalibur book together from Hobby Search. The messenger bag was release a day later then the book. Wanted them to send both items together but they refuse saying pre-order items are not allow or something. Today I got 2 messages telling me that both my items are shipped on the same day but separately......i was charge 2 times for the shipping how stupid can it be!!!
  22. Hi anyone have any idea if there is any difference (exmple colour etc) in the Tamashii Exclusive - DX Chogokin - Macross Frontier - Tornado Pack for VF-25 and the DX Chogokin - Macross Frontier - VF-25F Tornado Messiah Alto Custom"s Tornado Pack? Other then 1 with only the pack and the other coming with the VF-25F .......
  23. http://www.hobbyfan.com/product_info.php?products_id=1845 http://www.hobbyfan.com/product_info.php?p...%2813cm+Long%29 http://www.hobbyfan.com/product_info.php?products_id=87 Happen to see this VT-1, VF-1 & YF-19 which is cute.
  24. Normally how long does SAL takes for delivery in ASIA? Any Idea? I got the email from HLJ on the 27 of Jan claiming it have been shipped. It's been 2wks and still no new. This is my 3rd order from HLJ and so far this is the longest.
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