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  1. Yes, the one voice actress (Megumi Toyoguchi) is doing both versions of Klan.
  2. Let's recap what, your long list of incredibly flimsy assumptions? Let's not.
  3. To quote the Compendium, "The real Macross is out there, somewhere. If I tell the story in the length of a TV series, it looks one way, and if I tell it as a movie-length story, it's organized another way." What you see in the colonization departure sequence is the story of the colony fleets as told in the length of NINE SECONDS. It's rather obviously tailored for dramatic effect and to look impressive.
  4. Are there two different staff lists out there or something? Because the one I've seen was far better than I ever expected. To have a creative guy behind some of the bigger hits of the last couple of years, including some mecha shows is a long way from a bad thing in my mind. People in glass houses...
  5. Same with FC, same with CE. This being AD calender based means nothing in regards to any of the other universes. One (somewhat obvious I thought) implication of the "00" name would "first year of a new era"
  6. Why? It's not like it could possibly be any worse than the original Thundercats.
  7. People liking something that I don't like DISGUSTS me!
  8. This would worry me, if not for the fact AICN has absolutely zero credibility and should never be trusted for valid opinions.
  9. Avoid that thing like the plague. It's dreadful and a complete waste of money.
  10. If you've actually played the game, you'd know Fate Stay Night isn't a porn game that is about it's sex or nudity. That content is relatively minor, it's a heavily story and dialogue based visual novel game. The Fate anime had two problems - one is it's pacing, at times it's perhaps a little too faithful to the game and get's very wordy and it just really kind of drags at times. The second probem is, it's the Fate storyline of F/SN - arguably the simpler and more generic of the games three storylines. The other two storylines, Heavens Feel and especially Unlimited Blade Works are considerably more interesting, but the problem is you can't just make an anime based on either of them because they rely on the Fate storyline to introduce characters and set up their personalities and motivations, etc. They also don't showcase the full range of servants the way Fate does. The anime kind of does itself a disservice by showing hints of those other storylines, since it gave gimpses of interesting things it wouldn't cover.
  11. It's an extra hook to give people a reason to see it. Kind of how Gundam compilation movies have the audio redone. I mean, I don't think these compilation movies will be particulary good, but now knowing there will be one for each series I don't see the problem with it. It's all to get more people to see them. I'd be lying if I said I'd pass up the chance to see Gunbuster and Diebuster on the big silver screen.
  12. The game isn't built around micromanagement, which is why unlike Starcraft it's actually fun. Building is all queue based.
  13. No, the movies had already been altered a number of times before those were ever released. These will be the original theatrical version.
  14. They weren't "slightly" better, which you would know if you had ever seen them yourself.
  15. http://isohunt.com/download.php?mode=bt&id=10963463 is a working torrent for episodes 37-50. That's certainly what Nanashi want you to think. The subtitles are all properly timed, the only thing different from normal is they haven't gone through Nanashi's (absurdly slow) quality checking process. They have some typos and the like, and usage of older translations they've since replaced (they still use "skurve" rather than "scab" for example). They are perfectly fine and it is absolutely NOT worth waiting the ridiculously long time Nanashi take to release anything. I grabbed them and ended up marathoning the entire batch in one sitting, it just wasn't possible to stop and leave more episodes for another day. I'd quite easily say that E7 turned out to be one of the best mecha shows I've seen in a long time.
  16. Thanks for the laugh! I must have missed when mobile suits gaining super powers with the help of spirits of the dead entered the realm of scientific possibility.
  17. ...Uh, what? Did you not read any of the rest of the thread or something? Individual Eleven is the movie/OVA version of 2nd Gig. Solid State Society is all new, following the SAC continuity and set years after 2nd Gig.
  18. 2006-03-17 entry at http://www.bandaivisual.co.jp/flash/ Original movie length feature "Ghost in the Shell Solid Standalone Complex Solid State Society" (scheduled to be 100 minutes) now in production, expected to be compeleted Summer 2006.
  19. This isn't a third season - Solid State Society is a 100 minute movie.
  20. 208 pages, containing - - Macross - Macross Plus - Macross Zero - Patlabor - Ghost in the Shell - GPX Cyber Formula - Sousei no Aquarion - Eureka Seven - Gunhead - Sony AIBO ERS-220
  21. Great. 2 of the ugliest(but not THE ugliest, as I have been shown before) super robots to ever disgrace the genre. 377343[/snapback] ...did you just call Grendizer a 'disgrace'? what the christ
  22. Just to clear it up, Odex are legitimate, and they do not sub-license titles from the US. The reason for their comparitive cheapness is simple, they're not America. Smaller market, small licensing fees. Odex releases do have dubs, just not English dubs.
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