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  1. And this thread pops up a day after I ordered a Gamlin. =/ After a broken shoulder on my VF-0A, I just wish the valks aren't that sexy and alluring.
  2. Yup, AE's customer service is prompt and friendly.
  3. The main problems for me is that the canards looks too fat, and the main intakes being too wide.
  4. Zero for me. Prefer an amazing 3-course complete meal to a buffet spread
  5. Hi MW! I voted for the Zero, as i think it's the one most grounded in reality(ok that sounded rather silly). But IMO it's the most ungundam-like valk(VF-25s being on the other end of the spectrum, but i still love em ) out there that extrudes a warbird feeling. It's robust, built for war, and have a huge list of compromises which gives it a certain aura of vulnerability that only pure pilot talent can make up for. Or maybe it's coz my first yammie is a Zero Cheers
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