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  1. The lack of gaudy crystals actually make the 31A more attractive.
  2. Yeah, no U.S.S. Enterprise makes me a sad panda. Hopefully by then all the kinks have been sorted out in the new carrier design. She might even have laser CIWS who knows?
  3. Welp, just saw that 31A pic. Will even ditch the 02 for an A now. Many As. Must...resist...building...squad... It has funny kneegears. Ok, just three then.
  4. Landing gear actually looks ok in the animation, one can hope it will be translated well on the DX. So... Tacovalk then?
  5. Oh great, sigh. Now I am seriously considering buying my first 3P in Liokaiser. So pricey though, but then again I don't have a combiner so there's a void that needs fillin'. After watching reviews Not-Hellbat seems amazing. Being a newbie, is this company trust worthy in terms of QC issues from their past offerings?
  6. Kinda off tangent, but talking about Asuka II it's a actual ship: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_Asuka_II - largest cruise ship in Japan.
  7. I actually preferred this trailer to TFA's, same with the main female lead. I must be getting on with age because I'm quite sick of lightsabers.
  8. I can't imagine saying this but actually pop out skids would be preferable as I don't see these needing to do a rolling take off.
  9. I may actually buy my first VF-1J if they ever re-release them.
  10. Well I guess it's the first valk designed to sport bell bottoms on their landing gear.
  11. Because the photo is too beautiful not to be quoted. See here, even this squat gear I don't mind. If that kneegear is how they will handle it in the DX, the side profile view will be a bit funny.
  12. Yeah hope it's much better and substantial on the DX, as a gear guy I'm a bit disappointed with the kneegear making me have kneejerk response.
  13. Peg me as someone who doesn't really fancy the drones. Would like the "CF" version, clean.
  14. Nice shot! Although for a split second I thought the hinge on your stand was some sort of landing gear and went "whoa...they made a pull back and release 1/60??"
  15. Thanks for the replies guys, glad to know it's not as fragile as I thought. I didn't really like using the bracers, but now have less qualms about buying the 31 (Waiting for landing gear pics). For now I'll go transform my 30 and have em do sit ups.
  16. So not wanting sailormoon analogues in my mecha porn series is being sexist? But but but...i love the female pilots! Equal opportunity and abilities etc. etc. (Absolutely zero sarcasm here) Hey wait, in fact not wanting females to be portrayed as lace wearing dancing and singing light monkeys is sexist? Oh I see, i must first acknowledge that i'm a sexist before making an argument that involves a female in any manner or form. Say, isn't that in itself that rather...sexist? Pretty sure I don't want boy bands in my mecha porn either. Equating the thing about the moon with opinions about some media content is such a stretch that it's like the biggest mind wedgie. I think you're doing the most assuming, and projecting here. I don't fit into your presumptuous profile(is this racism? heh heh heh), have been exposed (heh heh heh) to various media, and still think that it's a bit silly. Because i wants me some gritty military action more than singing. Sometimes it's that simple. Doesn't mean that I won't watch it though. I've watched plenty of silly stuff (which I have admitted, prior to declaring whether my opinions will be sexist and/or elitist - all stamped and sighted by the Justice of Peace). If you think people are wrong just to fart out a negative opinion about some media they watch anyway, well I guess it's a big deal to you. Sorry I'm just (in ozzie parlance) just taking the piss. Give me some sexy (sorry?) mecha and you won't believe how much I will endure. Case in point the 31. Ah yes the 31...so I was looking at the pictures again, particularly this one: The waist looks a bit thin, I have the 30 with a similarly sized waist and that looks a tad fragile as well. Has anyone have any trouble with the 30 waist? I kept mine mostly in fighter mode because of it. Reason I'm asking is because of the two forearm guns I was hoping to have this in battroid mode in more dynamic poses.
  17. That's Macross not only jumping the shark, but the shark is now an idol.
  18. The megahouse MF Movie Sheryl figure goes very well with the DX YF-29.
  19. As usual, will only buy if the landing gears are up to scratch. One reason why I love the old yammies is that they have really solid and robust...legs.
  20. Same, but insofar what we've seen, my preference is 02 as it's the closest.
  21. Starting on my first ever Gundam plamodel: Couldn't resist the 1750Yen price whilst I was there buying some hobby tools for my tanks. I rather like the series, hope this will be a fun simple build.
  22. raptormesh

    Hi-Metal R

    I on the other hand am interested in the VF-4, if that ever comes to fruition. Also maybe the VF-1 if I can find one in Japan, as I don't have a single VF-1 at this point.
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