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  1. Yeah, I don't have any proof. But I definitely remember people on the kickstarter forum nitpicking small things such as panel lines. I also remember people freaking out when the first sprues were shown, but by then it was too late. Palladium was already behind schedule and probably over-budget, so there was no way they were going to start over from scratch.
  2. I totally agree that the part count is way too high. Seriously, WTF is up with the heat shield on the Valkyrie battloid? Or the ill fitting antenna on the Scout Regult? However, I feel that the part count was driven in large part by the Kickstarter backers. After seeing the initial renders, the kickstarter backers demanded more detail on a lot of parts. As result, Palladium had to increase the part count in order to get the asked for detail. Now, you can argue that the professionals should have known better and ignored the demands for more detail. That's valid. However, it's the backers themselves that are in large part responsible for the end product.
  3. I haven't been on this site in awhile, but figured "you know what...I bet there's some good info on RPG tactics". You guys always surprise me with your insider information. Any way, I thought I'd share my experience with the game so far. Well, not the game, as I haven't played anything yet. But I have put together all of my models received from the Battlecry set wave 1. Before this, I hadn't put together a model since 8th grade (I'm 40 now) when I completely bungled a F-19 Testors model. So, I was a little aprehensive about taking on this project. And when I saw how many pieces were in each model...I cried a little inside. But you know what, it really wasn't that hard, and I really enjoyed putting them together. I started with the Regults first, and since I had over 20 of them, I was pretty confident by the time I got to the valkyries. By the time I did the battloids, I felt comfortable cutting them up and modding them. I really like how all of my models have turned out. (Well, I did put the groin of one Defender on backwards...wtf, I've only been looking at these things since I was 10). I've now started painting them, and I'm enjoying that part too. It takes me about one night per model, so I expect it's going to take a while to finish, but it's not really hard if you have patience. Hopefully, I'll get faster as I go along (as I did building them). So, I guess I'm skeptical about all the people on the Kickstarter page that claim to have 20 years experience and who claim that the models are impossibly hard to put together. If I can do it, with basically no experience, then anyone can. Really hoping the game survives long enough to do the other eras. I'm a little concerned about the scaling, as the rest of the mecha will be tiny, but it will allow for some epic gameplay. (Yes, I was one of "those guys" that voted to do the other generations in 15mm scale). Just thought I'd give my 2 cents.
  4. Also, don't forget that they were low on fuel almost the entire time. They didn't have the fuel to fly the Legioss and Treads at max blast, let alone fight with them.
  5. Actually, HALO has this same problem. You can notice it the most during the in-engine cutscenes when the level is loading.
  6. Actually, I know that CAD was used to make the VF Masterpieces. Thus I would be really surprised if Toynami didn't use CAD to make the Alphas. By the way, I just got my Beta last Saturday...really impressed. I actually thought it looked meh from the pictures on this forum, but in hand it looks great. I posed it around a bit, but quickly put it in the fighter mode with the blue alpha. The alpha / beta combo looks so good in that mode that even my wife thought it looked cool (and she is generally unimpressed with my toys). I must be the only one, but I love the Toynami alphas. I really love how it looks in all three modes. I agree that it definitely needs ratcheting joints and could be less fragile, but they hold up very well as display pieces. Yeah, you can't play with it, but I haven't really played with any toys in 20 years so I'm not complaining. People on this forum are such Nazis about line art, but the same people are lining up behind CMs alpha / beta which looks just horrible and cheap. And as much as my Megahouse Ride Armors frustrate me by spontaneously disassemblying, they look 100x better than the CMs. I just don't get it. I guess people just want to hate anything associated with Toynami.
  7. I loved battletech and its rules. The paper management could be tedious...but the modability of each design made up for it. Besides, after 1995, I had a windows program that did most of the work for you. The story line gave a convincing arguement of why the 2 story robots weren't instantly vaporized the moment they stepped onto the battlefield. Unlike what you see in most anime / giant robot shows, something as conspicuous as a 20 ft tall robot would absorb every round until it was a molten mound of goo. Lastly, I loved the slow pacing. The pacing made you think tactically, instead of running around guns blazing. And in each game, you would have several ups and downs...adding to the excitement and sense of accomplishment. Add a campaign element with Aerotech and Battlwars and RPG stats for the mech pilots...and you were forced to think strategically as well. That is why I find some newer games so unsatisfying...tactics do not seem to matter. All you do is get the most powerful units and mash them together. I guess I just miss the old Avalon Hill type board games that might take a night or two to finish
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