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  1. It RICK HUNTER from the SDF-3 COMING FROM THE FUTURE!!! No..wait! It's Hikaru from MEGAROAD-O1 coming to warn his past self to marry Minmay instead of Misa!!!
  2. WE GOT THE ZENTRAEDI BACK, MAN!!! No energy draining vampires or space-folding bugs!! When you think about it Delta is a logical continuation to the original Macross storyline than Mac7 or Frontier. A girl band with Valkyries singing songs to control Zentraedi that have been driven mad by an unknown enemy makes total sense! When I saw the poster for Delta I thought that Kawamori had lost his mind, but after watching the first episode I realized that he's going back to the roots of Macross! I nearly teared up when the girls started their first song together because it reminded me of Minmay from the TV version having to sing to keep the peace while the Zentraedi adjusted to a new way of life on Earth. It's also like Macross VFX and the Milky Dolls where you have a band of girls singing against the Zentraedi. Macross Delta has definitely won me over!!!
  3. Just saw it and it was awesome! WWWAAYY better than Avengers Age of Ultron, wish I had my money back on that one! This definitely ups the ante on the new Godzilla film as far as cg fights between dinosaurs!
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