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  1. Mirage Knight

    Hi-Metal R

    The regult scout prototype was quite interesting, apart from an old IMAI kit I don't remember any other kit/model/figure of it. Would be nice if Bandai completed the Destroid lineup, including also the Destroid Cheyenne from Macross 0 and the Destrpid Cheienne II from Macross Frontier. Any chance of a Hi-Metal R version of YF 19 adn VF19? the old ones were quite badly proportionated, considering Bandai was able to do excellent VF22S... one can hope
  2. Mirage Knight

    Hi-Metal R

    Just to know, there is any chance of Bandai reissuing anything in the HMR line? Regult pods in particular got nearly impossible to find anymore, didn't ever think they would get this popular... or that someone would armybuild the VF-As to some extremes O_O
  3. Mirage Knight

    Hi-Metal R

    https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?scode=FIGURE-032741 you could gieve a look to these ones, considering each package is a couple of them and they seem unobtrusive enough
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