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  1. There's VF-4 written on that poster.... *drools* If all of those are coming out, I'll be getting each and every one of them, parts-swapping or no. And 1/100 is just nice for me :3
  2. That's a very expensive coat hanger o.o But an impressive looking one, to be sure.
  3. Slightly off-topic, but I find myself looking at DarkReaper's avatar often. Is.... is Max doing.... a Ranka impersonation? o.o On topic: Definitely an awesome collection Mave
  4. You can buy... the wonders of ebay may show you around. There's also a lot of tutorials how to do it but they're mostly in hacking forums where the people there can't talk properly even if their lives depended on it. >.> Mr. Google has all the answers.
  5. MisterRyno is AWESOME! I got mine all safe and sound. Thanks man!
  6. Frontier? these are Zero valks. Yamato still has the license for these
  7. We're all (or most of us) still going to buy it anyway I think it looks fabulous!
  8. It's safe to say that it'll come out in 2009. Excellent! Gives me enough money to save up
  9. I'll be getting a couple if it's not sold out when it releases. One of them will go in the way of what Valkyrie addict did to his VF-11 model. *eyes his poor Roy revy in the corner. Or maybe the 21 for the dark grey joints.*
  10. Humble request for pics? Star Saber has always been my favourite convoy variant EVER!
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