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    Macross 30

    Amiami has shipped my LE. SHAO! PAI! LON!
  2. eggy99

    Macross 30

    Amiami has sent me the your order is ready email for the LE! WOOOOO! KYUUN KYUUN!
  3. if you manage to find a 30th Super & Strike parts pack, the option parts are molded in dark blue/grey. Think VF-1A Cavaliers dark. I think someone mentioned the earlier 30th S&S parts pack did have DYRL white parts. I'm really surprised that the non 30th VF-1J Hikaru was an updated V2.2, and not the original V2.0. So awesome. Actually I shouldn't be surprised. The VF-1A CF TV I got recently from HK Collectables was also a V2.2, even though it is listed as V2.0 on Scorched Earth blog - http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=4599 You're tempting me to get one, but I promised myself that I would not get ANY character custom Valks, cuz I'd start with just "my favourite characters", then lead into "so and so character" and in the end I'd be getting ALL the character customs. XD - can't afford that (and no space too).
  4. check out this blog for a review on the unassembled kit http://www.mech9.com/blog/2012/08/yamato-160-vf-1a-no-paint-kit-with-bonus-option-parts/ I've got an unassembled kit that I need to find time to put together. From what I've read, the kit is not for inexperienced model kit builders. Runners are all unmarked, so you have to identify the parts by inspection. Also the 30th anniversary kits don't come with stickers. Only water slide decals (well mine did anyway). I wouldn't call myself experienced, so i reckon this is going to be a long build - maybe even a train wreck if I'm not careful.
  5. GFFMC Unicorn is awesome. I have 2 of the prism coated versions (so I can display in unicorn and destroy mode ) You're gonna love it. The only con is the articulation in the knees could have been better. I would have liked more range of motion. They should really make a GFFMC Banshee to go along with the GFFMC Unicorn. Do you think they'll release a trans-am version of the MB Exia? I'd love to get one just so I can pose it with the dual beam sabres like in the anime when they first discover trans-am. I am hoping they also release an add on pack so you can convert the MB Exia into Exia Repair I. Love the cape and busted up face.
  6. oh yeah I completely forgot it was 1/144 because of how massive it already is. My bad.
  7. Oh yeah I also read that 1/100 MC Psycho Gundam is being re-released too. My wish for a UC GFFMC would be GP01 ground version with swappable FB armor parts. *starry eyes*
  8. I read they are re-releasing the original finish GFFMC Unicorn this year. Metal Build line seems to be doing well. Exia R3 is next. Seems like MB release pattern is 00 -> SEED -> 00, so I hoping 4th MB will be Strike with all Striker Packs (wishful thinking). It's probably only be AILE pack, and Launcher/Sword packs as Tamashii exclusive (poo)
  9. I believe HK Collectables still has FP 30th for sale.
  10. Update: I've given up the idea of using hot glue. Little too risky considering it would probably leak the same kind of paint eating chemicals as the clear rubber grips on the Flight Pose stands. Have opted for the Bandai Action Stand 1 instead.
  11. You've just tempted me to buy a set to obtain some option parts for my Cavalier. UPDATE: bought a set from Hobby Search.
  12. I'm trying a hot glue method to create the grip points on the stands for my 1/60 VF-1A Angel Birds. I'm not sure of how it will effect the paint yet as it has only been a few days, and I have been checking how stuck the valk gets each day. I'm using 3x Hasegawa robot stands with just the initial rod, and a small amount of hot glue around the ball joint. I let the hot glue cool completely and also rubbed the tips to create a bit of grip (they're quite slick after completely cooling). So far so good, but I'll need to give it more time to see the effects on the paint.
  13. Some photos of the upgraded gunpod on my Valks. Please excuse the sloppy stickers on the Cavalier. I need to take them all off and trim them down, so they aren't so messy (one day....)
  14. Received mine today and installed one of them. Looks freaking sweet! They are definitely fiddly to install, but once I figured out what I needed to do to get it looped through the gunpod holes and then closed up with the strap ring attached, the 2nd attachment wasn't so bad. Pics! Another big thanks to DarrinG for these awesome additional little detailings! Funny that Yamato designed the gunpods with the intention of having the shoulder strap, but never created the strap. Glad Yamato kept the holes in the gunpod for us to utilise.
  15. Thanks for the HLJ links. Just preordered issue 1 and 2. Also a heads up about HMV. Heard this morning they may be going into administration soon. Not sure if that is across all regions though.
  16. Long time member, but have never posted. Bit the bullet and bought 3 of these. I'll post pics once they arrive Thanks to DarrinG for offering these.
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