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  1. Despite the dumb "WWM" on the wings, I'm down for one. Nice repaint fuel and always happy to pick up another renewal 25. Although I do wish they would make a V3 with wing hardpoints and missiles as seen in macross30 and VF master file.
  2. I'll be bringing a friend to a showing in northern Virginia. I also might have a spare ticket to give away, so DM me if anyone is interested. On the topic of Macross Plus dub vs sub, the fact that the dub doesn't have (IMO) Kanno's best orchestral piece on the OST, "Dog Fight", means it loses a ton of points in my book. But it is a very well done dub otherwise.
  3. Check out the raised corners on my copy's backpack hinge cover trapezoid panel. Should I be concerned? Haven't transformed yet.
  4. DWN013

    Hi-Metal R

    Heartbreaking. After 3 years on the display shelf, I was packing up the collection for a move. I barely laid a finger on the HWR monster's port arm and it fell right off at the elbow. Does the monster suffer from G(reen) Plastic Syndrome?
  5. I figured out why bandai's super parts design hold the gunpod at such a wonky angle. They made the gunpod extra thicc first, without thinking about super parts fighter mode with the landing gear out. If they had given the DX "normal" arm units with a straight gunpod mount, the extra large DX gunpod would impact the ground, and the super valkyrie would be unable to sit on its landing gear. Keep in mind, I'm not defending bandai here at all. It was a dumb decision that I disagree with. Just another tiny nitpick that prevents me from declaring the DX the "ultimate" VF-1 toy over the Yamcadia 1/60 V2. I would say Yamcadia appreciates fighter / battroid 50/50, while Bandai has a clear preference for battroid.
  6. Man, I've been absolutely giddy for the past 24 hours. Filoni and Favreau have given us the best star wars Christmas present we could have possibly gotten this year. Makes me hopeful we will eventually get disney to split the timelines in something similar to this: (since they will probably never actually decanonize the ST) EU timeline, Filoni timeline, and Kennedy timeline, all with equal canon status, with George's 6 movies being the core of all three. Do it already, disney! It'll let you print more money!
  7. I'm a lucky guy, surprise early xmas present from my japanese father-in-law! 26 boxes of hatchette, with more on the way. Shame I can't really dig into these for a few months due to space / moving...
  8. I'm a simple man, I see valks customised after USN / USMC squadrons and I upvote. Great work! Can I ask what your old man did in the RAG?
  9. Re: Bandai's tail modex fiasco. It's times like these I'm glad I only collect SDF TV and not DYRL...
  10. Hold up, is calibre wings now free of HG's vile tentacles and partnering with Big West?? If not, can't Big West stop them from selling Macross Zero merch? Interesting, they put a GU-11 on what looks like the centerline. (tankbusting, I guess?) Still wish these things had proper AIM-9 / 54 paint schemes.
  11. The facepalming chunky Roy at the bottom really elevates this pic to the next level! Also, is Roy the only American in this pic? What country is Max from?
  12. Daggone, worst pre-order ever, this is the first time I've failed one. Me and the wife had six sites open on two devices, Ami Ami froze, got cartjacked at Amazon.jp, and the other four failed. I literally watched Rakuten instantly go from no order button to sold out between my ~2 second interval refresh clicks. Should have tried Yodobashi, forgot about that one. However, got a small lead on reserving an in-store copy via phone on 1 November... If anyone's interested in my previous (relevant) GIF contribution to this thread, go to my profile and look at my post from June 4, 2019, you won't be disappointed. Was this the first DX since Hikaru's J that had heavy advertising by Bandai? Cant remember if Max A or Hikaru S had that.
  13. Threw some 1/48 GBU-12s on with blu-tack. More pics on the twitter: https://twitter.com/Aimd_SA/status/1211629156217188352
  14. Tail modex, white landing gear, ejection triangle, panel lines(?), anything else on this one? (looks fantastic BTW, great job!!)
  15. DWN013

    Hi-Metal R

    Holy crap Loli, that looks awesome! Nice job on all those tiny 'no step's. I'm guessing you're leaving the battroid top chestpiece 'unlocked' in order to not scratch something below? If so, good to know if I ever to get around to customizing one myself...
  16. DWN013

    Hi-Metal R

    Question for everyone: When you envision the VF-4 firing it's forearm guns, do you see it as 1. Megatron style or 2. Iron man style I have to admit, Iron man style is growing on me...
  17. Based on the forward curves of the belly plates, fighter mode might be Chunky. Articulation looks excellent.
  18. DWN013

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I just grabbed some Tamiya Cement i had for modeling.
  19. DWN013

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Anyone else have this problem with Arad's.... "temple sensors"? They keep popping off during transformation. I've glued these things back on three times now, doesn't seem to work very much.
  20. Glad I'm not the only one who has always thought this. My headcanon is as follows: SDFM TV is what actually went down, with some caveats here and there. UUM-7 pods (which never appeared in the show) may or may not have been around, but if they were, they were certainly space-only. DYRL is an in-universe movie made by hollywood types (using late-production VFs) and as such is full of historical inaccuracies like in-atmo UUM-7 pods. Though, if the UUM-7 pod is space-only, maybe it could get by with short pylons, since the flaps wouldn't need to be extended in space? Yup, they do this frequently, such as the Hi-metal R M&M release with the new, off white accents. I actually liked that one though.
  21. Not sure if you know that the hi-metal R VF-1D comes with a tiny Minmay and a specific left hand to hold her. Not the scale you seem to be going for, but just in case you hadn't heard.
  22. OK guys, here's the first GIF i've ever made, it's not complete as my skills are at their end: "sometimes, it be like that" PartialPlumpAfricanrockpython.webm It didn't come out as good as I thought it would, but oh well. If any GIF wizards feel like they want to help complete it, please use the below images, on the chests of the three and also the gate can have HLJ on it:
  23. OK guys, please forgive the impromptu setup and bad photo skills, but I just had to share this: After all this time, I finally obtained a sort-of holy grail, Alto's Renewal supers! Came across them in a Hiroshima book off for 16,000 yen, the previous owner had done a pretty good panel line job too. 3 Super dudes, plus an armored dude! You will note I'm using my headcanon parts-wearing scheme, which consists of 3 differences: 1. I don't use crotch armor, it's not perfect TF and doesn't even look that good IMHO. Only reason I used it on the armored 25A is due to it being mandatory with the stand adapter. 2. I don't use hip laser armor for supers, it doesn't look like it adds anything, and it looks like it blocks the hip lasers from firing anyway, armored parts ver does not. 3. Most importantly, I use 'Concept art style' collarbone missile pod placement on the shoulders, where I believe it looks best. Especially on armored parts where it looks like the GBP. Now that I have alto's white collarbone skin panels, I can finally do a proper 'Episode 14 special' where Alto wore Mike's blue supers. Never been too interested in any radome valk...
  24. My good sir, it appears we can become great friends after all! I actually lol'd. We're of the same mind here. Sorry, I wasn't trying to say the VF-1 wasn't used by the UNAF. I think of it like the F-4 phantom: Designed for carriers first, then used by all three services with minimal modifications. Cheers! Just wanted to hammer out this quick reply, more to follow.
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