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  1. that is some straight-up awesome right there TSP... I'd have to give this my vote for best Macross 1/144 model ever...
  2. on the subject of colour, Citadel mini's [Games workshop] makes an acrylic paint called "bleached bone" typically it's used for bones, parchment and what not not minis, but comparing it to the anime, it's almost the perfect colour for the '19 right out of the pot imho PS: That's one sexy VF-19 there Gundamhead
  3. yea, it looks that way, but the 1/48th YF-19 didn't look too hot in the early pics either... i just hope someone comes out with a super-detailing set for this one
  4. Starship modeller used to sell a VF-1D mod set for the Hase 1-72VF-1 Batteloid. included a new chest piece/nose[torso], new heat-shield, and a VF-1D head,not sure is they still offer it...
  5. Yea... everything in 1/48th except modern military choppers and infantry... which is simply annoying... anyway, i'm hoping Hasegawa gives us something other than an upscaled version of the 1/72 YF-19... I'd still buy one, but i'd be a bit disappointed.
  6. this is great news... I'm so excited for this one!
  7. i wouldn't be willing to sacrifice this model to find out...
  8. DAMN dude!! That is a BEAUTIFUL VF-4 update... i only have one question: Who's going to kit it?!?!
  9. kyekye, this is an awesome set of mods. Your Alto Version is very pretty, by the way, well done. I'll be watching with interest!
  10. it's probably already at your door dude.... SSM seems to be blessed with awesome shipping
  11. excellent work there, CF18... DAMN fine... now i don't have to go through the trouble of making a one-off myself
  12. behold Pro-Modeler's Pre-made clay-based wash solutions... brush on, rub off, watch the 20 minute video... instant weathering.
  13. When i pick up my wish list item from this new line of releases [if they ever get released], i plan on gluing them together, and if it's too much for me to overlook; filling, sanding, and removing/modifying/hiding as much of the "transformation" ability that has, by necessity, no fault to Bandai, made the model less accurate, and causing allot of gaps. if i want a transforming toy, I'll pony up for one of the 1/60 toys... as I'm certain those would stand-up much better to constant fiddling, and 'zooming around the room' [come on... we ALL do it, don't we?]... then again... I'll have to wait until i have one in my hands before i can commit to a final judgement... it's a great start to this model so far WM. looking forward to seeing the rest. my $.02 on the gaps: if you want to transform it ever, don't fill/glue it unnecessarily. if not, then go all-out on her! EDIT: you know... the more i think about it... and the more i look at Jarrod's build... the more i agree with David Hingtgen that building it fixed as a fighter would be a waste... i'm just worried how these will look on the shelf next to my Hasegawa Valks, or if they'll stick together if i take them to a show...
  14. how did you achieve such a clean edge with the light blue highlighting? it looks great, btw
  15. I don't have one in my hands... but depending on patience, and the actual colour scheme and markings, wouldn't it be easier just to mask/paint the simple stuff, then seal it with future, decal it, weather it, future it again, then flat-coat it... would this not both make a longer-lasting/transformation resistant paint job all-round? I use acrylics as i paint alot of minis, and it's quite durable, especially with a sealant on it. I must say, i would've preferred the Bandai MacrossF stuff to not be transformable, for the trade-off of greater accuracy, but they look VERY good despite that... so I'll take it as a bonus. I've also never encountered a set of stickers that worked better than paint or decals... so they're out the window. but I paint Warhammer minis for my local group for spare cash... so i'm accustomed to painting tiny details and such. personally, I don't intend to buy them for their transformation feature... but it seems to me that a highly durable sealant like Future would be your best bet, and if you needed to, you could always just re-touch it if it gets scraped off or worn away.
  16. if you need some tips on masking, try browsing the buld-ups in this gallery: http://www.naritafamily.com/howto/F18F/photo_frame.htm
  17. I live in an apartment in Canada and I have virtually no room to model... my kitchen table has been sacrificed to the modelling gods... and now that winter's approaching, i can't spray paint or airbrush outside... I need to invest in a spray booth... I have very limited space to display my models, but my Hasegawa Valks are proudly on display. 1/72 is just fine for me. I'm really looking forward to the future releases from the line... I want one of everything... but I want the armoured, ultra-bad ass versions... eventually i may pick up some clean versions... but if the Super-packs and Armour-packs are removable, or can be modified to be removable, all the better!
  18. May - VF-27 (Brera) July - VF-171 (standard) Aug - VF-25S Super + Full Armor - (Ozma) Oct - VF-171 EX (alto) Dec - VF-25G super (michel) and RVF-25 (Luca) well... the super-packs will likely be ably to be modified to be removeable, like the VF-0S ones... so i think i'll be waiting for the Brera VF-27 before i start picking these up... which is good, cause my wallet needs a rest
  19. "Dude, i Don't want to sound gay or nothin', but i think depesche mode is a sweet band!" 50 points for whoever names where that quotes form first. that was a cool little video there Kronnang, i enjoyed it!
  20. I don't think you could describe the VF-11 as anything BUT a hero... you saw the crash that it survived, thus saving Isamu... totally a Hero Fighter, and we totally need a kit of it from Hasegawa.
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