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  1. that is some straight-up awesome right there TSP... I'd have to give this my vote for best Macross 1/144 model ever...
  2. on the subject of colour, Citadel mini's [Games workshop] makes an acrylic paint called "bleached bone" typically it's used for bones, parchment and what not not minis, but comparing it to the anime, it's almost the perfect colour for the '19 right out of the pot imho PS: That's one sexy VF-19 there Gundamhead
  3. yea, it looks that way, but the 1/48th YF-19 didn't look too hot in the early pics either... i just hope someone comes out with a super-detailing set for this one
  4. Starship modeller used to sell a VF-1D mod set for the Hase 1-72VF-1 Batteloid. included a new chest piece/nose[torso], new heat-shield, and a VF-1D head,not sure is they still offer it...
  5. Yea... everything in 1/48th except modern military choppers and infantry... which is simply annoying... anyway, i'm hoping Hasegawa gives us something other than an upscaled version of the 1/72 YF-19... I'd still buy one, but i'd be a bit disappointed.
  6. this is great news... I'm so excited for this one!
  7. i wouldn't be willing to sacrifice this model to find out...
  8. DAMN dude!! That is a BEAUTIFUL VF-4 update... i only have one question: Who's going to kit it?!?!
  9. kyekye, this is an awesome set of mods. Your Alto Version is very pretty, by the way, well done. I'll be watching with interest!
  10. it's probably already at your door dude.... SSM seems to be blessed with awesome shipping
  11. excellent work there, CF18... DAMN fine... now i don't have to go through the trouble of making a one-off myself
  12. behold Pro-Modeler's Pre-made clay-based wash solutions... brush on, rub off, watch the 20 minute video... instant weathering.
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