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  1. Maybe they used this for reference for the gunpod? I hope I'm not going colorblind 'cuz I'm pretty sure that isn't grey. This is a screenshot from antibiotictabs youtube channel
  2. Thanks for the info valkyrie addict and xstoys. I still think it's amazing both in size and looks. Let me add to this section. http://page5.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e138039806.
  3. Not mine, but cool to see. Next to a 1/48 kit! http://www.therpf.com/attachments/f11/1-24-scale-vf-1-valkyrie-015.jpg-49657d1301760686 Finished product http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v501/modelguy/034.jpg
  4. Thanks to Gakken85. It came in well packed!
  5. Thanks for the pic. I like the VF-25a color scheme. Also, good video footage of the YF-19 display plus these two.
  6. Maybe because these are built to order versus having a set amount in production. I dunno.
  7. You can max order 10 at HLJ?! Sheesh! My wallet really hates me!
  8. Nice pics. I wonder how many transformation cycles that thing went through? Got some chips by the knee and intake covers in the pics. Hopefully tell let us know very soon when preorders start.
  9. There was also the same models but they were unopened . There was also a Milia in there too.
  10. Gotta get your post count up to post in the for sale section. I forgot.the number but I think it was after 5.
  11. I hope that was the problem. My Alto has a broken small triangle so I thought it was for both models.
  12. To bad they couldn't use a softer material that had more flex. I would sacrifice some visual accuracy for durability. I don't even know if it's possible 'cuz they would've done it already.
  13. Got beat to punch by a minute. I don't think the v1 parts fit on the renewal versions. Some renewal parts are hard to find at a reasonable price. Just gotta be patient and keep looking when Mandarake updates. I've seen some cheap original parts on Mandarake. I use google translate to help since I don't know Japanese. Also, you can go to www.anymoon.com for reviews and references. It's created by someone from here. I think jenius is the member name on this site
  14. Thank you Reivaj. I must have been fixated on the 3 comparison pics to realize the line art side view was there just a few posts up.
  15. Looking at the side pics above, it looks like the Arcadia has more pronounced anhedral main wings than the v1. I was trying to look for some type of front view line art to compare but didn't find any. I like the Arcadia version of it angling down, makes it look more agile I suppose.
  16. If anybody is still looking, it's back in stock at AmiAmi.
  17. Awesome! I can feel the hole in my wallet starting to get bigger and bigger. Gotta get more overtime! Hopefully it's not a short window to preorder.
  18. I would like to add my experiences with locidm, Kanedas Bike and HK collectibles to this list. Smooth transactions, fast shipping, and the packaging was well protected with no damages.
  19. Thought these are worth mentioning: https://www.hkcollectibles.com/macross-robotech/7024-vf-17s-diamond-force.html https://www.hkcollectibles.com/macross-robotech/7008-vf-19s-emerald-force.html https://www.hkcollectibles.com/macross-robotech/6958-vf-19-fire-valkyrie-basara-nekki.html If you're not saving $$ for future releases, why not get a few more? Heck, even if you're saving $$, get some! Someone mentioned in another post that the seller is on the straight shooter list. Just wanted to share the info.
  20. I don't know if this belongs here or not. Good deals? https://www.hkcollectibles.com/macross-robotech/7008-vf-19s-emerald-force.html https://www.hkcollectibles.com/macross-robotech/6958-vf-19-fire-valkyrie-basara-nekki.html Bought the Vf-1a Kakizaki TV from them. Fast shipping.
  21. My wish is that they sell a separate display stand. Maybe a revised version, different from the ones included with the VF-1S release.
  22. Just saw your vf-25g for sale. Was gonna make an offer but decided to just buy it on eBay.
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