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  1. 2 minutes ago, Rodavan said:

    I remember words the from Wash - I am a leaf on the wind .....

    Some people says it relates to the kamikaze poem known as A shackled leaf from WWII , I thought it was  fitting.

    Here is the poem.

    Forever shackled by these chains,
    I wallow in their lies.
    They tie me to my fears and hate,
    And all that I despise.

    I see my friends across the road,
    But my shackles hold me back.
    They have looks and wit, they say.
    Everything you lack.

    The birds and clouds glide in joy,
    Dancing across the sky.
    But my chains tie me to the ground.
    Shackled tears I cry.

    Another mountain lies before me,
    A new challenge I must try.
    Don’t fool yourself, you’ll never succeed.
    My shackles tell no lie.

    I stare into the lonely mirror.
    Blinded to my perfection.
    I see nothing but a broken soul.
    Shackled to its reflection.

    I hug my knees and cry for someone
    Who understands my pain.
    As expected; no reply,
    But the rapping of the rain.

    My only rest I find at night,
    After the death of day.
    And with cold and burning steel
    I cut my life away.

    This is all I’ll ever be worth.
    Dig deeper, until I’m dead...
    My shackles laugh. They have won.
    My arm...its crying red.

    But one bright day I realise,
    It’s myself I’ve been trying to find.
    These oppressive and evil shackles
    Live only in my mind.

    My shackles return, fighting back,
    Fearing what I now see.
    Foolish things, they’ll never understand,
    I will always be free.

    Because I am the Sun,
    Raining down my light.
    I am a myth,
    A whisper in the night.

    I am the sky,
    Serenity’s haven.
    I am a mountain,
    The silent warden.

    I am the earth,
    Life’s verdant source.
    I am the wind,
    The unstoppable force.

    I am the sea,
    Caressing the shore.
    I am the storm,
    The legendary Roar!
    These lying shackles,
    Bind me no more!
    I am a leaf on the wind!

    Watch how I soar.

  2. On 2/11/2020 at 11:35 AM, DatterBoy said:

    Damn, Rodavan.  Still killin' it I see.  Your work disgusts me.  

    Thank you Datterboy , long time since we heard form you :)

  3. Thank you  Tekering :)

    Xigfrid -  Thanks all my models are full CAD models , they need to tweaked for printing , but  luckily as they are already CAD models the process is an  easy one .The Wanhao D8 is my own printer , so I think there will still be a lot "learning " :D  




  4. It didn't go as well as expected.Large resin parts seem to warp and peel during the UV curing .The other thing is resin dust is very fine and gets in everything if you not use to working with resin :p:lol:

    The good thing I have learned a lot , not giving up yet.I have already started to prepare the next project my Queadluun Rau to for print .So I will have make some changes .Let see if we do anything with rest of print this week as I have been only trying to fit parts , the smoothing and clean hasn't even started yet :blink:


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