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  1. try searching on local forums www.lowyat.net www.sembangtoys.com or tried ebay.com.my?
  2. PetarB sad to hear that.. why wouldn't hasegawa make the 11B? it'll sell like cakes if they make em...
  3. Hi all, just wondering, does a VF-11B jet mode model kit exist? does hasegawa plans to release it in the near future? it would be great coz now i have both the 19 & 21 hasegawa kit, so the 11B would certainly complete the Mac plus jet... thanks
  4. sahir

    VF-4 model kit

    andy@valk009 nice pics of the VF-4 petarB yeah..been drooling over your build of the VF-4..thinking of building one myself just got a VF-22S kit..but haven't start on it yet
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking for this kit..got any idea where to get it? and how much is the price range i'm gonna expected to pay? any advice is really appriciated.. thanks
  6. sahir

    Almost Done!!

    that YF-19 is wicked...
  7. sahir

    VX-9 "Vampires"

    wicked ace that is super cool..wished i can paint like that.. kudos to you..the red visor is freaking awesome...
  8. super nice job... really liked the VF-0D..
  9. already make a pre order last week.. arghh..can't wait for April...
  10. sahir

    Yamato TV commercials

    nice nice nice... that YF-21 looking good...
  11. i got these two for the duration of the past 2 weeks both are cheap..YF-21 loose and the cannon fodder got some paint chips and missing something on the left wing..
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