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  1. I need that chestplate B1 part for my 1/60 and a backpack with holes for fastpacks!Let me know when you have those!Thanks...
  2. Dont forget that new one "Tales from Earthsea"!Just watched it a few days ago!Its great!!
  3. Hi!I just broke that little edge on the B1 part on my 1/60 vf-1a hikaru which is supposed to keep the nose on one level with the body in gerwalk and fighter mode!!!I tried gluing it but theres to much pressure on it and it breaks right off again when transforming it! Im repainting the vf-1a in lowviz style and planed to display it in fighter mode,i really need that part and hope someone can help me get a new one!maybe someone has made a recast or some leftover parts of a old broken 1/60!? please help!!!!
  4. yes it is!That pen sure sounds professional,got to look if i can find one of these around here! Im planing on panel line and customize my 1/60 cf to fit the pilot and fastpacks from my vf-1j... Im just not sure how the panel lining looks on a 1/60...I think i have never seen one!
  5. nice pics MaveRick! misterryno:great panel lining!Did you use a copic fineliner??
  6. Hi!This is my first post here!Just want to show you some pics i took to get used to my new camera!Have fun...
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