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  1. Legend of the Megaroad on Fanfiction.net There's a part II but AFAIK the author died so it will never be completed.
  2. It really looks like a next gen Neo Glaug/Variable Glaug.
  3. That's it. I got a bunch of the Matchbox series when Robotech was on the air originally in the US. Destroids, an Alpha, 3 SD style VFs and the SDF-1.
  4. I have a 1984 Bandai SDF-1 that also has flip up panels with a hole down the middle on each leg, but there's a slot along the top where yours has the yellow pieces.
  5. Vf-31A 3d model in an r/c aircraft simulator
  6. So, speculation on Vf-31 Armored weapons? built in HMGs and head beamguns of course dual beam turret forward firing beam guns in the dorsal armor next to cockpit arm mounted gatlings 10+ medium weight AAMs (2x5, any reloads in there?) dorsal micro missile packs leg micromissiles (outers dual layer?) micromissiles in the front of the rocket boosters (2 ports each?) no wing mounted ordnance, but there are 4 new stub mountings on the booster packs.
  7. transforming VF-19 built in KSP
  8. Can you explain what the -II and -III indicate? Is that the EX and EX Super, or improvements in the basic VF-171 airframe?
  9. So this VF-1 Super variant got posted on the Macross Facebook page, and I was wondering what the source is (if it's from a publication), and are there any details on it? 22221782_1532701126813257_7794227667883944004_n.jpg
  10. In addition to the M:+ scene mentioned, you have a very short example in the M3 opening sequence (search Y/T for Macross M3 Remastered Opening) and you get a couple seconds of Max's HUD with a swarm of Zent missiles inbound. The thing to note is Max and Mirya pulled off the same trick as Guld, while flying belly to belly in a VF-4 and a VF-5000.
  11. Thanks, however, the problem with a 12 count in the FAST packs is Max and Miriya fired 16 missiles each in the final battle. Two volleys of 8. And the SDFM arm packs are clearly shown firing 12 missiles in 6 pairs. So if anything, the older packs should have smaller missiles, and the new packs (as filmed in DYRL) have larger missiles.
  12. Thanks guys, any word on missile count in the -31s wing mounted Super packs?
  13. Thanks, judging from the number of dots, it has to be one of the AMM series, possibly the AMM-112 SQ (square?)
  14. Does it say what the squarish cross-section under-wing missiles on the VF-31s are? They kind of look like CHM-2 high speed missiles.
  15. So the VF-31 can't fire the leg missiles in B or G modes since they will go right into the rest of the airframe?
  16. caught a green flash in TFS and on pause got this screen shot PPB in G mode? Is there anything in the source material about the Tornado pack enhancing the PPB like there is for the Armored?
  17. Were those minimissile packs on the Regult's shoulders? (that look like QRau pods) -eta- the regular Regult, not the one with all the missiles on top.
  18. But there are two different kinds of arm pods. The slant front pod in SFDM with staggered small missiles, and the DYRL pod with exposed missiles that are larger and even with each other at the front.
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