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  1. 9 hours ago, BlueMax said:

    I think you mean the VEFR-1 " Funny Chinese" instead of the Cat‘s Eye



    Ah you're right, I got my recon planes mixed up.:p


    7 hours ago, seti88 said:

    Nice list and thots..;)

    My take is that with the new delta movie coming soon, those long shot vf-1 valks are most likely to be in the wishlist wonderland for quite some time...


    I agree, hopefully they release TV Kaki and the rest of DYRL skull squadron.

  2. I made a list some time back of what is released and what I wish or think would be released:

    VF-1J Hikaru (done)
    VF-1S Roy (done, thanks)
    VF-1A Max (yep, done as well)
    VF-1A Kakizaki (expected but you never know)

    VF-1J with GBP (revealed, very sexy)
    VF-1J Max (more Max? yes please)
    VF-1J Milia (best girl, expected if 1J Max comes)
    VF-1D (coming soon)
    VF-1A CF (I will buy at least 2)
    VF-1D Virgin Road (always need more Max and Milia)
    VF-1A Angel Birds (gimme now)
    VF-1A Alaska Base (would be nice)
    VF-1A Cavaliers (bandai please…)

    VF-1S Roy (yes bandai, we need that movie head sculpt)
    VF-1A Hikaru (teased, I like)
    VF-1A Max (teased as well, i love)
    VF-1A Kakizaki (done)

    VF-1S Max (lawdy lawd, yes please)
    VF-1S Hikaru (done)

    VE-1 (mmmhmmm, gimme that 1/48 elintseeker)

    VT-1 (a 1/48 is always welcome)
    VF-1J CF (would be cool)

    VF-1J Stealth (I need this)
    VF-1S Low Vis (maybe? jk I will PO this so fast)


    There might be some more, GBP for Max and Roy was teased and that'd be cool. Maybe a Minmay guard or Woodland color? I don't know if that is licensed. Blue Roses w/ Fast pack? Hell yea! What I really want is a no-paint version or kit based on this mold. :)


  3. 1 minute ago, wm cheng said:

    Is Hobby Genki any good?  Are they reliable?  Never heard or used them before?


    They seem to be good and haven't heard any issues with them. Someone from HobbyGenki also posts in this thread from time to time.

    Only reason I didn't order from them was they didn't have DHL/Fedex to my country (Australia), only JapanPost EMS was available but EMS to Australia is still suspended due to COVID restrictions.

  4. Back in September I decided to cancel my SSP orders as I was getting nowhere with customer service as to when it will be shipped. I then used my store credit for a PF VF-0D which was one of the few decently priced (¥43800) Macross items on their site. Went with ferry shipping and 2 months later I've received the item with no issues.

    It was really frustrating dealing with customer support, the live chat was not helpful at all and will just tell you to raise a ticket when I was following up for another ticket. 

  5. 8 hours ago, RedComet said:

    Hope he also made a green 1J, or that is an EXPENSIVE non-cannon Hikaru 

    I believe the guy just switched the 1J head with the 1A Kaki head and then photoshopped the red bits.

    Fyi, you can switch the 1J and 1A heads but not with the 1S as the neck part of the 1S is different. 

  6. Ah, this is the type of topic my wife wants to hear about as it will free up storage space. :p I'd choose a VF for each series (boring I know):


    Bandai DX VF-1J

    Bandai DX VF-1S TV Roy with Supers (to be released)

    Bandai DX VF-1S Hikaru with Strike parts

    Arcadia PF VF-4A FB2012 (to be released)

    Arcadia VF-19 Kai with Sound Booster

    Bandai DX YF-19 Full set pack

    Yamato DX YF-21 

    Arcadia PF VF-0S with Reactive armor

    Bandai DX VF-25F with Armor parts

    Bandai DX VF-31J with Super parts


  7. 1 hour ago, RedComet said:

    Here's a pretty bad condition Max if anyone wanted to use it to make a post-Millia fight battle damaged one, or maybe a customized Alaska Base Survivor. Don't see many under $100 with only a few hours to go...


    The seller also has a DX VF-1J and 1S for sale if anyone's interested. No box and missing most of the attachments.



  8. Okini Land upgraded my shipping for 4x missile sets to DHL for free. :wub:

    Still waiting for 3x SSP sets fron NY, they offered to upgrade to UPS but it was too expensive. I might ask to change the shipping to ferry instead.

  9. 1 hour ago, RedComet said:

    So, for anyone who wants one, I am starting work on a batch of custom DYRL Max 1S, much like the Roy 1S that you all saw @sqidd proudly display, based on the Hikaru 1S using the new and improved decals from @Anasazi37. (Starting them now, as the switch to new decals has caused a slight delay in finishing some weathered Roys) As before, you can get them with weathering and panel lining (and even get missiles and non-canonical SSP weathered and lined to match).  Pricing varies depending on what exactly you want done, but PM me and I will give you all the details. Here is an "artists rendering" (photoshop) of the final product sqidd style (no weathering), one of sqidd's Roys, and the weathered and panel lined Roys. Let me know if you have any questions B))


    Hey, I got bored during the lockdown and did this in photoshop, apologies for my noob PS skills. :p 

    @RedComet I'd totally be interested if you do a Max VF-1S. But if you do a 1A Alaska Base or Cavaliers, then just take my goddamn money!

  10. 5 minutes ago, eggy99 said:

    How quickly did FJ cancel your orders? Even before you were given a chance to pay?

    I've paid charge 1 but expecting it to be cancelled. This happened with my 1A Kakizaki PO as well. FJ refunds the charge after a few days.

  11. I got one from Nin-nin (crosses fingers), if that one fails I'll check other sellers after release.

    The only other possible sites I saw during last night's was amiami and HLJ but their sites keep timing out for me. Didn't even see the order button in AE, HS and NY (I was probably too slow :p).

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