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  1. I'm re-watching Black Lagoon before moving on to Jormungand. Then there'll be Witchblade anime series on the list. OTOH, on my regular weekend watchlist of ongoing series are Goblin Slayer & Slime. On the Western animation front, its Star Wars Resistance.
  2. It depends really. For me I liked the Wildstorm/DC runs of Robotech comics of the past decade and that include Prelude. The only other Robotech comic I cared about is Antartic Press's Robotech Rolling Thunder by Fred Perry because it covered Southern Cross arc post 2nd Robotech War. Others is just meh.
  3. On another front, well I'm patiently awaiting GARO for the new live action series .... being hooked on the darker adult side of tokusatsu series. Its anime equivalent is also a blast!
  4. My choice of animes has been eclectic lately. I'm hooked by LOGH: Die Neue These and Yamato 2022 (followup of 2199), just finishing up on MS Gundam Origins films (damn those are great), re-watching Gundam 00 and Wing marathon. And now I'm avidly following Angolmois anime which covered Japanese resistance of Mongol invasion of Japan, and surprisingly, Overlord season 1-3. And the sequel of Gundam Unicorn is around the corner.
  5. Its all depends on personal acceptance. Yamato 2199 is great, Yamato 2202 is good enough follow up for me.
  6. Of all the 1st Ed. and 2nd Ed. run of Robotech RPG by Palladium, I found my 2nd Edition Robotech Master book is the one I treasured most. All because of the inclusion of all pre-production arts of SC Battloids and even pre-production Bioroids that never appeared in the animation itself. I don't play the RPG, I collect 'em basically to enrich my Robotech-verse that severely lacking in source materials, apart from the 4 Art of Robotech books (Art of RT 1-3 and Art of RT: SC). OTOH, I had to admit, I am one of those fringe SC fans that Seto talked about. I won't say bad on that small fan community stuck in the somewhat more numerous overwhelming Macross part of Robotech fandom, but I understand from business POV, yes the SC segment of Robotech won't make much money. We can even see this how SC characters get secondary role and relegated to cameos in Robotech: Love & War and Robotech: Prelude to Shadow Chronicles comic series. The same also can be said in the animated Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles and Robotech: Love Live Alive ... except for Louie Nichols who is major character in RTSC. The only time we've some SC love is only Robotech II: Sentinels the Movie and the now disavowed Robotech The Untold Story.
  7. Naahhhh. I avoid the new Titan comics like a plague. Call me fussy, but hey, I preferred the past decade's Wildstorm brand of Robotech comics (obviously because its canonical status in offical Robotech-verse). OTOH, a comic on Zentraedi vs Invid .... will ultimately bored the hell outta me. I mean, unless the Invid Regent spammed his Inorganics drones against the Zentraedi, the manned Invid units (Iiga armored scouts and Gurab shock troopers) are frakked against fully armored Zentradi footsoldiers. If Battlepods get in the way, that would simply means overkill already. I could only see a slim chance stand up fight between waves after waves of Invid Inorganic drones vs Zentraedi legions, to buy time for Invid hives to make quick getaway to deep space ... that if Invid hives are lucky enough to survived the orbital bombardment by Zentraedi armada hovering above planet sealing any escape pathways.
  8. I'm rooting for this actually given the spate of Yamato's reboot (2199 & 2202) and recent LOGH: Neue These. Although I'm more in favor of OAV format than a full series.
  9. I guess I'm pretty burned out on Macross these days. I can't even get excited for the possible release of Macross Delta Passionate Walkure. Sure I'm pretty hyped about the next new Macross series as anyone else, but then again seeing how Macross Delta's disastrous 2nd cour (1st cour IS great) turned out to be .... hmmphhhh. I might be tempted to jump again into the new Macross gravy train once more ... IF it proved interesting enough. For time being its better to indulge myself on the next sequel of Gundam Unicorn or onboard with LOGH: Die Neue These or Yamato 2202.
  10. When Yui started putting that image on FB, I was hyped since finally we get a proper VF-4 Siren's Battroid mode from Macross ELS game, allegedly "sketched by Kawamori-san". The closest clearest image of VF-4 Siren's battroid that I found online over the years are crappy screen caps from ELS. At least one fan derived VF-4 Siren fanart available which are taken from Macross RPG site. But Seto hit the nail pretty fast. Even I noticed Kazumi Fujita's elements of VF-XS design (pre-cursor to Koichi Ohata's VF-2SS Valkyrie II) on the VF-4 Siren's Battroid mode above. I'm willing to bet either the artwork is simply sketched by Kazumi Fujita or by Koichi Ohata, and NOT by Shoji Kawamori. For comparison wise, I attached a screencap of VF-4 Siren's Battroid mode from ELS screen cap and a VF-4 Siren fanart by a fan based on the aesthetics from the game itself.
  11. The tragic part is that HG asked the fans to foot the bills for the new animated Robotech project .... Beating the dead horsey ... Sigh ..... That's why it is almost pointless to remind 'em fans why RT II: Sentinels the way it is .... PttSC and RTSC went the hard way of MOSPEADA-izing Robotech.
  12. Creavision won't signed on unless 'something big' is being thrown its way. I speculate it could be Shadow Rising. It could very well be since the way DR Movie (and Tommy Yune's too) designs in RTSC are almost universally frowned upon (big racks, anyone?) ....
  13. For me, the way HG has been promoting RT: Academy as another late Macek's project is a bit disheartening. It kinda mirror's Macek's own crash and burn pet project RT: 3000. I mean, at least RT: LLA is kinda a tribute the man's own work in adapting Robotech from 3 diff anime series. HG shouldn't have promoted RT:A as a Kickstarter project. Atleast reserved it as sort of a graphic novel or a new Robotech comic series to reboot the RT II: The Sentinels. The fact that HG refused to even fund the animated RT:A is a glaring example. Am I disappointed that RT:A fundraising campaign fails? Nope. I am only disappointed that HG expect fans to fund an animated RT production when HG should've done that in the first place. I have a sinking feeling that Creavision is being roped in by HG for another project. That could easily be RT: Shadow Rising, if that production ever see light of day. Creavision may have signed on perhaps to replace the Korean studio, DR Movie which contributed to the animation for RT:SC. I've also a feeling that RT:A several mechanical designs might be picked up and appear in future RT RPG by Palladium. Atleast it can be properly salvaged.
  14. How the heck a discussion on new series turned into Macross 7 vs other Macross sequels yet again? Maybe its time for me to pop in the Mac 7 DVDs for old times sake ... BOMMMMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  15. So it's gonna fail. Big deal. The fact that HG's no.1 man (Mr Frank Agrama) refused to sink his money to fund RT: Academy is particularly telling. TPTB simply forgotten the reason why RT fans keep buying their products are because they want a real honest to goodness conclusion to their favourite Hunter-Hayes-Sterling characters from Macross Saga. As simple as that. Countless polls on RT.com showed that over and over again. Which means, the new RT animated production should focused on RT: The Shadow Rising, not the half arsed RT II: The Sentinel's reboot. RT: Academy regressed back to Sentinel's era to cash in the Macross-nostalgia, from redesigned uniforms of Rolf Emerson and that SDF-1's booms on the Takeru vessel up to the obvious in your face the 'Tougo Gun' inspired logo for the Academy. I could accept RT: LLA as it is. A recap fest and a somewhat deserving conclusion to RT: New Generation's cast (much like LLA to GC Mospeada). But after shoving to our throats literally with the RT: The Shadow Chronicle, we the fans deserved a satisfactory conclusion to that arc (Shadow Rising), not going back in time to salvage the failed project, RT II: The Sentinels. Moved on, darn it. This is an RT fan in me talking. If HG want to do a KS, RT: The Shadow Rising would've more chance of getting made the target and not the RT: Academy. But then again, using KS to fund RT: The Shadow Rising sounds like a smack dab of desperation on HG part .... I digress. Frak it all. By the time Patlabor's The Next Generations L.A series and movie make 'em debut, and new Macross series (I can't wait) runs its course, RT would still languished as a franchise.
  16. While I'm not actually contributing anything to this KS on RT: Academy, I put the actuality of a new Macross series as more pressing matters to me. RT comes and go, sure I'll keep track once awhile, but as for Macross, there's always a 100% sureties you'll get either an OAVs or a series with a coupla animated film to boot when a decade kicks in.
  17. Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please let it be that the new Macros TV series would be Macross the First. If not ..... I'd still be thankful there's a new Macross sequel! Bring it on, BW!
  18. Well, its fun while its lasted. Guess its back at rewatching Macross Frontier instead.
  19. Actually, I managed to do a screen grab of the said YF-4 battloid mode illustration based from the new support & squadron cards: Zoomed Images:
  20. Oh, you mean "Ushinawareta Yume o Motomete" aka "In Search of Lost Dreams" ..... But we still call it 'Lonely Soldier Boy' whether you liked it or not ... hah!
  21. Oh hell yeah ... that was totally badass!! Noh from the indie-band 'Hujan' (means 'Rain') is super famous in Malaysia. He was still a college kid in mid 2000s when his band perfomed at various gigs throughout Malaysian universities & colleges for free & yes, peanuts ... When he started singing a cover version of 'Lonely Soldier Boy' in Malay (yes, directly translated from original Japanese lyrics), the song burns the top Malaysian music charts for months. Most Malaysians caught on with 'Lonely Soldier Boy' fever started by Noah & his Hujan's band .... no wonder, at least 3 generations of Malaysians grew up with Mospeada. Those from 1980s generation watched Mospeada in late 1980s, the 1990s generation watched the series in early 1990s (as Robotech) & late 1990s with various re-runs of original series until early 2000s. Now seeing Noh singing the song with THE Andy Koyama, it certainly a great day being a Mospeada fan in Malaysia!
  22. For nearly 3 years since the debut of Macross Fever, the pachinko game, we're treated with several low-res vids & screen captures of the said gorgeous new animation for the game's cutscenes. I myself would never have thought that I will be able to set my eyes of said brand new SDFM animation. Sure, the grainy videos of Macross Fever did floated around youtube, & of course at that time, I was content with that. But after such talks on rebooting SDFM, & that of re-animating Macross the First, I got curious again. What if, a big IF, SDFM is being reanimated yet again, either using the original animation designs or that of DYRL-inspired theme of Macross the First. How would it hold up against Macross Plus, Macross 7 Dynamite, Macross 0, or the graphically gorgeous Macross Frontier? Then yesterday, while lurking at MW perusing the threads on this board, I absentmindedly clicked on a youtube link posted at SDFM DYRL Bluray thread. Fingers get a little bit busy as I skipped several Macross youtube vids, when I mistakenly clicked on a link I believed contained a commercial of new DYRL Bluray release. Then I was awestruck, here is an youtube account under a guy (undoubtedly could be a SDFM Macross japanese fan) known as 'xjohnman' with a tally of atleast 8 Macross Fever clips ripped from the recent Bluray release. I was immediately struck with a fever .... a Macross Fever. After watching & rewatching the clips overnight, me cried me manly tears for years ..... I rediscovered my love for Macross after getting so close to a 'burnt-out syndrome'. What a better way to start with a Macross Chibi TV OP: The new reanimated SDFM OP for Macross Fever: Several other media clips are available here: http://www.youtube.com/user/xjohnman?feature=watch
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