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  1. I voted Alto and Ranka Alto is thick as a brick, has not been shown to have any more kills than Michael or Luca, and really, can't be said to have done much of anything of significance in the series besides fly some people around. Contrast with: - Hibiki - war journalism is clearly not the safest profession in the world, and he didn't even pack any heat or anything, but he did it without complaining - Shin - he was smart enough to figure out how to defuse the threat of the AFOS, you gotta give him credit for that - Basara - I'm biased because I like Submarine Street, My Soul For You, and Get Free. Seriously, GET FREE Ranka has absolutely no qualities besides knowing some song, with her other songs having been produced by her manager. Her behavior consists basically of just being as oblivious as possible. Contrast with: - Minmay - actually wrote her own songs, and eventually saw the light with regards to Hikaru - Sara - has an actual personality, and was quite right about the effects of modern civilization on the island's ecosystem, with napalm being dropped on it and what not - Myung - capable of breaking out of living audio cables that nearly killed her, and was able to figure out how to handle an MP-5 - Mylene - actually knows how to play both the bass and the guitar, and My Friends is an awesome song.
  2. To hell with Wikipedia, we only need a single page which redirects to the Compendium. I've been following the various scandals about Wikipedia, and I've come to the conclusion that it's become as corrupt as any sufficiently-large organization must inevitably become.
  3. You haven't looked at it yet? You're hurting my feelings! So anyways, when you do get a chance to look over my stuff, understand that the game system basically works like this: 1. You choose three attributes to be "prime," the other three must be left non-prime. 2. Only d20s are used. All attribute checks for "prime" attributes must roll 12 or over. Non-prime rolls must roll 18 or over. Some people houserule this to be 10 for prime, 15 for non-prime, in order to make non-prime rolls a lot easier. 3. Skill bundles are a way of making certain rolls "prime" when they otherwise wouldn't be. For example, if Physique is not one of your chosen prime attributes, but you have the Acrobatics skill bundle, then you will get to make rolls for jumping around, doing backflips, etc. as if they were prime. 4. Within skill bundles, you can put experience towards specific things. While the books that my rules were based on list a number of possible specializations, this is really up to the players and the GM to negotiate. 5. In the particular books that I'm using, there are no attribute scores in the traditional sense. Instead, they are positive or negative numbers whose sole purpose is to be added/subtracted from rolls. There are other SIEGE-based games out there which do have traditional attribute scores. 6. Combat is simply a series of rolls to hit or chase after each other, with the target number (either 12 or 18) being further modified by a simple number named "combat defense." In order to acquire a significant advantage, you will have to be creative. 7. If you don't know what to roll, first see if any attributes or skill bundles could be relevant. If not, the GM should award you for creativity! Of course, there are many other little details, like technology level, mutations (e.g. making your hair behave like floppy dog ears), cybernetics (e.g. a big optical device bolted on the side of your head), etc., but those are all extremely simplified in the books that my rules are based on. Even though I'm personally a fan of dicepool-based systems (like White Wolf, Shadowrun, The Riddle of Steel, etc.), I opted for the approach of the game moving as fast as possible, with any especially crunchy bits being exceptions (i.e., special keywords that are added onto things, such as "able to do critical hits") rather than having to think about them all the time.
  4. http://sites.google.com/site/ssfsx17srpgre...arsiege-macross Intended to be as simple and fast-playing as possible, while still showing the relative strengths and weaknesses of various things. If you don't know much about pen & paper games, imagine this as being somewhat like D&D but faster-paced. I know there are tons of stuff out there based on Fuzion. I do not mean to supplant the various Fuzion-based resources out there in any way, I did this purely for the love of my two kinds of geekiness.
  5. I'm going to break the rules a bit. I made sure to listen to the songs and tried to establish some kind of emotional theme marked by each interlude. I made sure to have a few obscure songs in there, like Galaxy and Cinderella. 1. Macross 2. Sharon Apple - Idol Talk 3. Sheryl Norme - What 'Bout My Star 4. Ranka Lee - Seikan Hikou 5. Fire Bomber - Submarine Street 6. Lynn Minmei - Angel's Colors 7. Interlude - Fly Up Into The Air ~ Tension (Macross Plus) 8. Fire Bomber - My Friends 9. Ranka Lee - Aimo (Birdman version) 10. Fire Bomber & Emilia Jenius - Heart & Soul 11. Lynn Minmei - Do You Remember Love 12. Interlude - Severe Wound (Macross TV) 13. Lynn Minmei - Love Drifts Away 14. Alice Holiday - Galaxy 15. Lynn Minmei - Silver Moon, Red Moon 16. Fire Bomber - My Soul For You 17. Myung Fang Lone - Voices 18. Interlude - The Violin of Tears (Macross TV) 19. Sheryl Norme - Fairy 20. Lynn Minmei - Cinderella 21. Fire Bomber - Reaching For You 22. Sheryl Norme - Diamond Crevasse 23. Interlude - Dogfighter (Macross TV) 24. Fire Bomber - Holy Lonely Night 25. Sheryl Norme - Don't Be Late 26. Sharon Apple - Information High 27. Fire Bomber - Power to the Dream 28. Sheryl Norme - Northern Cross 29. Interlude - The Target (Macross Frontier) 30. Sheryl Norme - Infinity 31. Fire Bomber - Get Free
  6. Sheryl She was the only character who seemed to have more than one dimension, when it came to personality and emotion. Plus, her songs have a much greater range of feelings compared to Ranka's. She should give up on Alto and find a guy who actually deserves her.
  7. Why don't we just make this topic encompass all references? - When the Ghost V-9s are launched by the Galaxy fleet, everyone pisses their pants. Apparently, the Sharon Apple incident is not only canon, but also well-documented. - When Luca turns on Program Judah, Luca states that he is, in fact, unleashing the terror that attacked Macross City back in the day.
  8. Oh, but they did. Plus concluded with Guld dying, and 7 concluded with Gamlin choosing to love Basara. ...the love triangle in 7 was that Gamlin couldn't decide whether he loved Mylene or Basara more, right? :-)
  9. Finally finished downloading Lunar's sub. So, the conspirators purposely put a nest underneath Mihoshi Academy, and they know that Ranka's song is the fuel / main attractor of the Vajra. I think we're in the home stretch now, and everything will be revealed veeeeeery soon.
  10. Hell yeah! Instead of singing Infinity, Sheryl should have done the Aquarion OP!
  11. Duuuude... I could swear I had thought the exact same thing in a previous episode thread. Rock on!
  12. Grace is the worst manager. For all the crap that Kaifun ever did, he never tried to have Minmei killed.
  13. For BSG, nothing other than the likes of Fire Bomber's Get Free would be acceptable. Anything else would simply not fit at all.
  14. Here's a plot theory coming totally out of left-field: Alto's adopted older brother is, in fact, jealous of Sheryl/Ranka and wants Alto all to himself. - All flashbacks about him show him wrapping his arms around Alto during private practice - He's always trying to get Alto to come back - He's willing to manipulate the lives of other people (e.g. Sheryl) if it means he can have Alto - very Touma-like - He is scheming for reasons which not even Father Ranzo is aware of Of course, Episode 19 might reveal that he just enjoys acting like he is in love with Alto, or that he is in love with the character Alto used to play
  15. The Frontier Girls thread is more about what the viewer wants, not what would be good for Alto. Also, I spoilered the whole thing because some people are unusually touchy about it.
  16. No enemy in the Macross universe has ever been as truly terrifying as the Vajra. Ordinary songs are ineffective, and if you try to blow them up then they'll just keep on coming relentlessly. Of course, Ranka and/or Sheryl will be involved in defeating them.
  17. The majority of it was pretty good, except for that one where Bruce Wayne was drawn as a bishie. That chapter was incredibly cringeworthy. I was like, "WTF HOW IS IT THAT AN ANIME BISHIE MAY SPEAK IN THE VOICE OF BATMAN" and what not.
  18. Wall-E is quite possibly one of the greatest post-apocalyptic dystopian films ever made... and it's G-rated!
  19. The only plot twist that could truly faze us would be if they made Alto hook up with Brera Sterne.
  20. Noooooooo, why did they deprive him of the Roy Focker prizes? He must have been the most similar to Roy Focker in the entire UN Spacy at that time!
  21. Quick thought: Does Ranka think that if she becomes a big star, she can replace Sheryl and have Alto all to herself? I get this feeling that she's heading in that kind of direction.
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