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  1. That's what I tell my wife but she says that's not possible since I have so much stuff.

    Simple. We have pyramids built for each of us so our tombs can be large and filled with all of our worldly possessions which we want to take with us to the afterlife.

  2. Really nice set up Lynk! I like how you posed Hikaru's VF-1A in the "must save Minmay" dive through SDF pose. Very creative use of the launch arm.

    It's actually the first Valkyrie I ever bought, it was the set with the Strike/Super parts... though now I have the strike parts attached to Roy's VF-1S :p It took me less than a microsecond to decide to put Hikaru's VF-1A into the "save Minmay" dive lol, it's one of the iconic scenes of DYRL?

    Pretty classy man cave Lynk.

    Thanks, it was back breaking work x.x

    Wow I am so envious of you and how much space you got to display all those, great collection Lynk. And your Armor Klan is still standing with the booster still attached unlike mine and Anime53k8 both of us had problems with the boosters and their attachements what a coincedence.

    The house went through some renovations and some tiles in the kitchen were being removed with a jackhammer... the vibrations resulted in Klan immediately being dropped from its perch and me having a heartattack thinking it was all over... luckily everything is okay with her and after an agonising hour trying to balance her into position (just like the first time), there she is... I have no idea how she manages to keep her balance but only if there aren't any jackhammers active in the area :p

  3. I was soooooo careful when putting on the Super packs onto my VF-25F and S... took ages to get them both on but it was worth it, the paint remains untouched, though the stress of taking the super parts off of the 25S and sticking on the armour pack when it arrives is gonna be huge.

  4. I bought a VF-1J (white goggles) and the renewal armour parts... but I'm willing to buy another VF-1J with the option parts and then apply a little gray paint to the goggles of the first VF-1J I got lol. Already got the VF-1D on pre-order and will have it in battroid mode with the seats out and Hikaru sitting in the bottom one.

    Also bought a VF-1A Max version recently as well and have that in Battroid mode, but from the looks of it so far they're not re-releasing Max... we'll see.

  5. I feel kind of stupid now... I've got my VF-25F and S and I've preordered the Armour parts for both and the Super parts for the F... but not the S... and now just for completionists sake, I want to super parts for the S but can't cause they've stopped taking orders everywhere x.x

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