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  1. The opening themes of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam are another famous example of this.
  2. HLJ actually has all 100 issues available to preorder right now.
  3. New photos and 6/2020 release date via Dengeki Hobby:
  4. Update on the VF-4: https://www.taghobby.com/archives/404318 That price has gotta be a typo, right?
  5. It looks like HLJ offers similar Hachette subscription kits: https://hlj.com/search/go?ts=custom&w=hachette
  6. I used the Mr Color paints recommended in the Hasegawa 1/72 VE-1 Elintseeker kit. 1999.co.jp has scans of model kit manuals where you can find the paints list. For example: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10020300/60/1 One exception is that I used Alclad paints for the metallics.
  7. Aren't these supposed to be small, Kinkeshi-inspired vinyl figures? I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result.
  8. The way they've lit these product photos really emphasizes the questionable quality of the plastic. It appears totally translucent, like a gunpla model.
  9. The placard suggests that the model displayed here is the planned premium finish version of the SDF-1. Did the original Yamato release have the paint applications displayed here? I see lots of little red details I don't remember from the Yamato version. It also looks like they've darkened the panel lines.
  10. I hope the Orguss mold is successful enough for them to follow it with a Nikick in this line.
  11. Foil? I think Hasegawa produces metallic foil in different finishes.
  12. I understand. I'm suggesting that the premium finish version, which comes with tampo markings applied, offers a significant labor savings over the regular version which requires laborious manual sticker application to achieve a comparable appearance.
  13. Both versions look great, and nigh indistinguishable in the wide shots. I almost wonder if they would be better served by focusing on the labor-saving benefits of the premium finish version. It has to take quite a while to carefully trim and apply all those stickers to the normal version. Also, it looks like some of the tampo markings may have sharper detail than their corresponding stickers. For example, compare the red arrow markings on the leg armor.
  14. I typically use the Mr Color paints recommended by the manual included with the kit. For the gold trim on this build, I used Alclad 2 Pale Gold.
  15. Thanks for the feedback! The gold and blue is all paint work -- I don't think the decals would have survived the curved surfaces. I found the kit a couple years back on Mandarake for $30 or so. If you keep an eye out for it, it should show up again. I'd really like to see a 1/60 Yamarcadia done up in this scheme, or perhaps its sister paint scheme in red!
  16. I used a few kits for this build, all 1/72 Hasegawa: * VE-11 Thunderseeker * VF-11D Thunder Focus * VF-1 Valkyrie Weapons Set. * VF-11B Super Thunderbolt * VE-1 Elintseeker The final two were used simply to pilfer the decals. I added the missile launchers because it looks cool! Maybe they've been modified with sensors or something :-) There's also a camera pod that goes along with the build. I'll have to get some photos with it attached the the undercarriage.
  17. Will these releases feature strike cannons?
  18. Yup. It's unlikely that Arcadia would allow bootleggers to dictate their release schedule. Moreover, even if Arcadia wanted to react to the existence of KOs, they probably aren't agile enough to react so quickly. Arcadia is subject to the logistics of production as well as the constraints imposed on them by their licensing agreements. They can't fiat new products like these M&M releases into existence at will. Neither can the bootleggers. These KOs must be coming out of the same factories that Arcadia are themselves using.
  19. The announcement of the premium finish Focker is a little disconcerting for those of us contemplating M&M purchases. Do we pull the trigger now or risk waiting for potential M&M premium finish releases 12 months down the road? Also, I have to wonder if the KO releases of M&M were provoked by Arcadia's release plans, not the other way around. If the KOs are coming out of factories producing the legitimate Arcadia products, then workers in those factories would be privy to Arcadia's otherwise secret release schedule.
  20. Lots of markings in those pics. I hope these releases get the premium finish treatment.
  21. Here are some photos of a VE-11D I've done in the original VT-1 Elintseeker livery:
  22. Is it possible to pose the cannon over the shoulder in battroid mode?
  23. This is such a neat color scheme with great tail fin decals that I had to build one. Here's the result.
  24. Is there any consensus on why Bandai's original Hi-Metal line came to an end? If it's true that competition in the form of Yamato's original 1/60 line made OG Hi-Metal untenable then I suppose it's plausible that these 1/60 KOs could pose a similar existential threat. I'm not sure whether these KO bootleggers should be taken as seriously as the Yamato in their heyday. On the other hand, the existence of Transformers KOs prove that some KOs can be of indistinguishable or even better quality than the original, though with in an admittedly less sophisticated product.
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