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  1. hi every one !i am french member of a macross forum and i am registred for long time ago in this chat but never posted, great chat ! At the end of the episode during the walkure s concert a portal is summoned on Ragna and the delta s squadron flyi nside the portal ! it s sure a movie or season 2 will began soon ! Maybe the mystery around Lady M ans Megaroad 01 will be explained ? what do you think about or ?
  2. Hi everyone ! I m french fan of Macross and have don't post here from long time ago.... Awesome episode, Our french site :http://macrossfrancefaoffi.forumactif.com/t2199p100-macross-delta-dicussions-sur-la-raw-et-vosta-uniquement#23046 I dont' know how to insert a spoiler to write lol....
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