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  1. I think the planet collision disaster movie are quite the trend now, anyone else watch "Melancholia" trailer?

    Melancholia (2011), "Two sisters find their relationship challenged as a nearby planet threatens to collide into the Earth. "

    Maybe it got something to do with the creep at Zeta Talk which predict planetary collision between Earth and supposed stray planet (planet X or Nibiru).

  2. EDIT: I do have one question. What is it about a Claymore's body that would make a bunch of horny rapist bandits say "no thanks"? Well except for the one wounded bandit that attempted it on the revenge/humiliation angle before he got whupped on.

    Read the manga, but my best guess is

    a certain youma part is implanted there

    Just finished with both season of "To aru majutsu no Index" and "To aru kagaku no railgun", awesome series and I love how both anime shows cameo characters from each series. Can't wait for the next season of Index.

  3. I need some help with locating a certain G1 toys here in Tokyo.

    My oldest son has a recent weird obsession with the cassette transforming minions from Soundwave, and I know there's a G1 reissue Hasbro Soundwave, however anyone know where I can found one in Tokyo.

    And I prefer to buy it directly instead of mail-posted.

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