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  1. Haven't posted in this forum in a long time, but for this incredible good news, I'm here for it. Hopefully, this really does allow home video distribution of all the various series.
  2. I had the exact same feeling. I knew it was going to be dirty in so many ways, but they pulled it all off so well.
  3. While it's unfortunate that there is some dnr in the new release, I would still go for the new bluray simply because it includes the original theatrical sound mix. Add to that what was said above: they programmed the bluray to play the original theatrical version with no text and no concert scene at the end when you choose the mono mix. This is as close to 1984 as we are going to get on home video.
  4. I don't think it matters where they start. This movie (if it even gets made) will essentially be a franchise reboot. They can start wherever they feel like. Besides, to the casual fan who hasn't watched RT in over 15 years, their reaction will be pretty much "wow, this has everything I remember", while the diehards will just sit quietly as they realize that the movie absolutely shits all over their precious 30+ year cartoon.
  5. Wow, this looks very very promising. Can't wait to see it.
  6. To put it simply, just watch them in production order. There's very little difference between the series, ova and movies.
  7. Since Bond girls' names usually contain double meaning, I thought for a second that Lea Seydoux was the character's name she's playing. Seydoux can be pronounced in French like "c'est doux", meaning it is soft.
  8. I once described 2 Bond movies to my wife this way: "From Russia with Love" is the best Bond. "Goldfinger" is the perfect Bond. And yes Dynaman, your statement is 100% correct.
  9. I can only imagine Pinkie Pie bouncing around all over each panel Is it just me, or is the bottom panel a bit out of scale? I thought Voltron was supposed to be over 400 feet tall? Looks kind of puny in that panel.
  10. That's too bad, because that would have been totally awesome!!
  11. That is a frighteningly high budget. Even bringing it down to 250M is still scary. Hopefully, Mendes is good with a more tightened belt and nothing really noteworthy suffers from the cutback.
  12. My experience with some mega corporations is that their security is kind of lax, usually because lack of imagination by their IT department, or IT not having a strong enough voice to make the people at the top listen to them seriously. As for that Bond script leak, I hope it's not the shooting script. That would really suck for the filmakers.
  13. There is no product code on the cases, so I have no idea which series/model they are. If I recall correctly, I think they were just some cheap cases from the dollar store. The important part I considered was that the the disc hubs would certainly be less stressed with these cases than the originals. When I want to release the disc, I hold the disc with one hand, and press slowly the centre part of the case so that no stress is put on the disc hub. Here's a pic of the case hub holder. Hope that helps.
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