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  1. 8 hours ago, tekering said:

    In both your cases, guys, you're dealing with small parts that have failed under stress.  No attempt to repair these parts is likely to adequately strengthen them.

    As Captain America has suggested, the only viable solution is to replace them with new parts.  As I've dabbled with silicon molding in the past, I've had success replacing broken joints in Transformers with reproductions made of more resilient materials.  It's a complicated process, but getting a replacement part designed and produced on a 3D printer is equally complicated.

    Either way, you've got to remove rivets embedded in plastic, which is a pain in-and-of-itself.

    That could hold the piece together for display, but probably wouldn't survive a transformation.

    I wouldn't buy a broken toy, unless I had no intentions of playing with it.

    You may be correct about rendering a broken part in 3D being equally complicated. Assuming the broken part could be successfully removed from the toy and temporarily glued back together with CA glue, a silicone mold of the part could be made and then new parts could be cast in a stronger material. Either way, the cost would likely be prohibitive, and while certain resins are made to reproduce the physical properties of ABS in the short-term, the dirty secret with some resin products is that they will eventually turn brittle themselves over time. 

  2. 2 hours ago, blackconvoy_D01 said:


    @captain america, hi can you make a fix recommendation please?





    That's a challenging fix. If you had the dexterity, a small enough drill bit and same diameter brass/steel rod, you could reinforce the snapped ball-joint, but it would still be very fragile. Ideally, I would push-out the rivet that's still on the fairing, have someone 3D print the broken part in a tougher material and use that as a replacement. At the core, this is a materials problem that Sentinel needs to address, because as you can see from the pressed rivets, the toys aren't made to be disasembled and if someone doesn't have the skills to perform that kind of repair, it will only make the problem worse.

  3. Those parts look like ABS or something similar. Putty won't bond to it and it will constantly crack. Ideally the part should be replaced. I think this is something that 3D printing can do well, provided that something tough (nylon?) is used.

  4. 2 hours ago, Masked Aviator said:

    Sentinel still uses plastic to connect the two metal parts. I'm afraid the cracking issue will persist. I wonder why they don't switch the material to metal. 



    Or just a different type of plastic, which wouldn't necessitate new tooling and can just as readily solve the issue.

  5. 8 hours ago, peter said:

    Sadly (for me at least), there are no life size Blue Thunder replicas apart from what's left of this:



    I think the original filming helicopters modified back to their original form, sold off and eventually crashed somewhere.


    Seeing as how it was a pricy and still functional piece of military hardware, it probably made more sense to sell it. That pic of the derelict bodywork is/was part of a studio tour somewhere, IIRC. Fun fact: the modded Gazelle also appeared in a mid 80s dystopian tv miniseries caked Amerika, where they had temporarily painted it black.

  6. To be fair, that Japanese line-art sketch is a bit of a detailed trainwreck. Could he have been a bit more faithful in capturing some of the exposed machinery? Yes. Also, those dome shapes look more like chrome hemispheres to me than what he rendered, but that's just my interpretation. The other thing most fans don't understand is that all these illustrations have to abide by what art directors decide and give approval to. To say that you'd be shocked at the lack of competence in some management circles is an understatement.

    I like the artist's character renderings; that seems to be his strength. His mecha are a bit soft.

  7. Just a quick update for you guys: mold-prep is going well. I've already poured the first couple of molds, and from those I'll have the necessary duplicates to cast the rest.  As promised, I also included a pic of the magnetic interface for the containers. With this, you'll have the option of using some 3-5mm N52 disc magnets to mount/unmount the cargo pods. While I would have liked to do something similar for the main hatch, there just wasn't enough material thickness to pull it off: Anime-magic hinges have their limitations if you want to preserve a semblance of scale realism.





    Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 2.25.18 PM.png

  8. 35 minutes ago, tekering said:

    Feel free to copy-paste this instead, if you like:


    I see what you did there! Noo-maa-ru Taipu!

    I'll have to try to find a suitable armorial achievement for the top-left corner. If not, I'll just make one. Does the rest of the text make sense, or will that need correcting as well? Bear in mind that this is just for fun. If I ever tried to release a kit with that box art, HG would get so far up my butt that I'd be coughing-up Rick Hunter hairballs for the next 5 years!

  9. 11 minutes ago, tekering said:

    Cap's got real Photoshop skills, too!  :ohmy:

    You know that katakana in red says "Seifried Weiss," right?

    I do, but I don't have the ability to create Japanese words/sentences, so I contented myself to copy-paste the text from the plastic kit packaging. It was an exercise to see what a proper Bioroid kit might have looked like had the series not been such a failure.

  10. 10 hours ago, tekering said:

    Awesome.  I especially like the detailing behind those secondary engine bells.  :good:

    Well, they weren't deployed that way... and it wouldn't make a lot of sense, would it? :huh:

    I don't even think that the containers were designed to support the extra weight of fully armed fighters, to say nothing of the fact that they don't fit despite my oversizing them and the ship.

  11. It is done.

    Save for a few small details and markings, she's ready for mold-prep. I'll take a few pics of the mounting system for the containers, which fits rather snugly as-is, but you'll also have the option of mounting these with small (3-5mm) magnets, thanks to cleverly hidden housings.

    CARGO CONTAINER: while I wasn't able to achieve a posable, hinged cargo container door, I opted for better scale realism and came up with something fairly nifty especially considering the scale. The line-art shows what looks like a one-piece retractable boarding ramp, but that would interfere with the already VERY cramped landing gear, so I replaced it wth a folding ramp that stows right behind the main door, so more realistic.

    The fighter-booster also mounts nicely under the hull. You have the option to build the ship with the fighter/booster mounted, or with the cockpit mating box retracted and the fighter displayed separately.













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