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  1. right now i have the Armored Klan Klan pre-ordered and the Griffon Queens Blade Cattleya Blue Violet version pre-ordered.

    im shopping around for another 1/60 DX VF-25 Alto and TV super parts but i cant find anyone selling them together. Im also trying to not spend $70 on shipping charges either.

  2. More info here: Namco Bandai Bundling PS3 Macross Game With Movie

    The game and the movie will come in the same Blu-ray disc.

    I wonder if the game will cover only Frontier and the movie, just the movie or maybe all the Macross series like MUF.

    Too bad i don't have a PS3 <_<

    im a bit confused...how is this going to work? PS3's are region free for games but region coded for movies. I have a U.S. bought PS3 so i know ill be able to play the game but i dont think ill be able to watch the movie...is this accurate?

  3. i apologize for asking something that has probably been asked and answered 100 time already but I cant seem to find a release date for the Macross Frontier movie.

    Ive been using the search tool and keep coming up with nothing at all. I know the Bandai 1/60 alto super messiah reissue is coming out in november, is the movie coming out in the fall as well?


  4. Kojima just said that it was Snake, not big boss. Im watching the SONY E3 coverage and im pretty sure thats what i heard.

    also...sorry for asking a stupid question but since the PSP GO doesnt play UMD's, how do you play the games? Do you download them directly to your PSP? If so, can you download PSP Go games to the regular PSP? I dont quite understand how the two work together.

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