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  1. that would be cool but IMO, that would not make sense. if the voice base hints at Convoy being Reborn, I dont think think the next masterpiece will be Super Ginrai. Convoy and Super Ginrai were two totally different characters.

    Star Convoy would be Convoy Reborn. A Masterpiece Star Convoy would rock.

  2. Sorry, I didn't express myself fully: I know he is right about the way Hollywood works, It's just that pretty much everybody knows it. Heck, the "Hollywood executives are there to rape wonderful ideas" is so old that it is basically a stereotype; we've seen in TV and movies for years. So I find it extra whiny of him to go so radical about it like he is enlightening us all with something new; sounds more like he is just dodging the blame for "The Spirit" instead of facing the criticism he has been getting for years: your current work is BAD, work on that.

    To tell the truth, a few years back I actually went googling to see if Wizard was still being published. Internet pretty much cancels any need for a monthly printed version of news regarding superhero comics.

    I also remember their pricelist, which at first you hated because it ate almost half or more of the mag. But if you read the little insert in every page you could learn something interesting or get a good WTF laugh.

    The Spirit came out 7 or 8 years after he gave this speech. he is not dodging the blame for anything.

  3. Sounds like the seller thinks this is the vintage version, not the takara reissue.

    i dont think the seller thinks they have the vintage version....i dont think the seller knows what they have at all. it clearly says 2008 on the box. on top of the insane price, they are charging $275 for shipping.

    you can get a authentic vintage hoist for $100...maybe less.

  4. why is it off? Just because the figure doesnt look exactly like he did in the movie doesnt mean its off. None of the masterpiece TF's are 100% G1 faithful. The Masterpiece line will never be 100% tv/movie accurate...its meant to be the ultimate representation of a character in toy form.

    I think Hot Rod looks damn good in all modes.

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