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  1. as much as i want to pre-order that Dairugger right now, ive never heard of the company that is making it. Has anyone here done business with toyfreakz before?

    i want some reassurance before i give my credit card number to some company in hong kong that ive never heard of.

    thanks for any and all info.

  2. i do not understand how/why Ebay does not suspend Lake Chan's account(s). he uses multiple accounts, bids on his own items and leaves himself feedback the instant the auction is over.

    Many_Feedbacks is another one of his accounts that i am constanly getting emails from that say " i see you are interested in item xxx...look at my auctions, i offer similar items.

    as shady as it gets.

  3. thats the second time those sealed vehicle voltron figs have been listed on ebay. the first listing (a couple weeks ago) had them priced at $3000 for the set. that auction was cancelled and then re-listed at $250,000. how and why the seller went from $3000 to $250,000 is beyond me.

  4. it looks OK but the diecast toynami Masterpiece Voltron blows it out of the water.

    edit: i just watched the youtube video on this toy and i am now very disapointed. $300+ for a big, unpainted, plastic, gimmick riddled american toy....thats crazy talk.

  5. thanks VT 1010.

    sounds interesting. ill buy the PSV for sure.

    one last question regarding the PSV: do you know if old PSP save data can be tranfered to the new flash based media or will it have a seperate slot for a memory card?

    sorry...im at work so i cant really look this stuff up right now...

  6. kids will love it since this is obviously a kids show and its not aimed for people in our age group (20's-30's)

    that being said, this looks horrible. it looks worse than Voltron: the third dimension. The original series was great and most of the episodes still hold up just fine. The network should broadcast it and reissue some of the original toys and that would get kids buying the toys and people who were kids in the 80's buying the toys all over again.

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