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  1. Thanks for the replies. Sorry for not posting pics. The tamashii site calls them Macross Stage Act and UN Spacy Stage Act. these are the two i was asking about:



  2. Sorry if this has been asked and answered but can someone tell me how to get/where to buy the macross and UN Spacy Stage Act stands shown on the tamashii nation site? Thanks.

  3. thats a shame. if this news is correct, its going to be at least 15 months before those of us who want MP Jazz can get our hands on him....that is if Jazz is even in the works.

    I would much rather see takara focus on and crank out all the season 1 autobot cars and afterwards turn their attention to season 2 characters, TFTM...etc.

  4. I would hold off. I know some company is going big with him this year. Probably why BBTS is selling them on the cheap.

    if you dont mind me asking, where did you get this info? do you know what company? is it a chogokin? I have not been able to find any info at all on any upcoming golion release.

    thanks for any info.

  5. US buyers only please. All deals fell through so this item is back for sale:

    I have a YF-29 that I am selling. I got this from AmiAmi in the summer of 2011 when they were first released. I am the first owner. This is the first release...so if the recent reissue had any improvments or changes made to it, obviously this one does not have them. 100% complete. Transformed to battroid once, displayed for a few months and then transformed back to fighter and has been displayed in fighter mode for the past year or so. Great conditon. No breaks or flaws anywhere that i can see.

    the box is a little rough at the corners due to storage...its probably a C8 or so.

    $250 shipped in the US.

    SSL members only please. My name isnt on the actual SSL yet but I have had several positive sales on this forum and my name has been mentioned and I have been thanked in the SSL thread. Some of the MW members that I have done business with are: Kevin/Valkyrie Exchange, GLane, Mister_E, MisterRyno or whatever that dudes name was who had the meltdown, I think I got my VF-0A from Miriya but I honestly dont remember, I think my 1/55 reissues went to Nukatsuka?





  6. first and foremost I would love to see an official Yamato Minmei guard VF. It will never happen though...

    i think a 1/60 VF-0S v2 with Reactive Armor parts from Yamato would be pretty sweet...

    again...it will never happen

  7. no one here is really arguing with gatsu about his pricing. Yes, some of us have mentioned it which should have been done via PM's but thats not really the issue here.

    the main problem is gatsu's poor attitude and how he continues to be condecending towards us when we dont buy his items.

    thats all.

  8. ^ exactly. getting upset at the community when we dont buy your items isnt exactly a good business practice. Thats why ive avoided all your sales.

    Customizing just to sell something without a buyer is a bad idea. Assuming it will sell because you think it is a masterpiece, and then talking down to us when it does not sell is very arrogant and a great way to lose all potential future buyers.

    Im not criticizing your work...im just saying its no ones fault but your own that your item isnt selling. No one told you to buy all that tamiya paint, primer, decals...etc. Your best bet is Ebay or lower your price. Putting a price on custom work is a hard thing to do. What you think is a reasonable price may be WAY too much for the majority of the collectors here. Customized or not, its still an old, broken valk.

    from now on, you should have a buyer commited BEFORE you start a project like this. Do commission work. Dont spend money on paints/tools ect and dont spend hours doing a project like this unless its for your own collection or someone has specifically told you that they want one of your customs.

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