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  1. im glad we worked out at deal! I will send it out today Priority if you PM me your address. thanks!
  2. hasegawa vf-1 and battroid kits are some of best and most enjoyable kits ive ever put together. I have most of them done, but im still looking to do another 1s strike and battroid strike.
  3. thats good to know...im glad im not the only one that feels that way.
  4. id buy the Lightning III in a heartbeat. Its a beautiful design. I said somewhere earlier that im not a fan at all of the YF-21 or the Ivanov...so i wont be buying either one of those.
  5. I love the Seacons! Especially in the Japanese universe. After Headmasters and before Transformers Zone, they were awesome.
  6. i am probably the only person on the fourm that is not looking forward to this figure at all. Ive never been a fan of the YF-21 design...or the Ivanov. Id much rather see a 1/48 VF-1S Minmei Guard or a 1/60 VF-4 Lightning
  7. Tons of pics will probably surface after Wonderfest Winter.
  8. its good to know that there are other super TF fans on this board. Japanese exclusive TF's are 90% of my collection. I just traded a Victory Saber giftset along with an original G1 starscream for a MIB Grand Maximus! super excited.
  9. New England... burlington, Vermont to be exact.
  10. hey! ive been looking on my profile for a way to change my user name, but dont see one..am i missing it or can you not change it?
  11. Yamato is all about the repaints...just like Takara. Dont get me wrong, i love both companies...thier product makes up 95% of what i collect, but after a while, repaints get so old. if they want to continue to make money on the line...they need to break out some new material.
  12. i will be thinning out some stuff as well to focus mainly on Macross and my first love...Japanese exclusive transformers. I will probably be putting some Godzilla, Mazinger/Mazinkaiser stuff on ebay soon...if anyone is interested...Pm me and we can talk. I will post pics soon so you can see what someone may be buying.
  13. sounds like a great idea. it would be awesome if you put up a small Godannar section.
  14. stay away from a military guy on an APO base using the online name WILLDORYDER...he comes up with every excuse not to send you items after you have paid. Father is in the hospital Extensive training on the base brother wrecked his car cat died... you get the idea.
  15. i have one. My Vf-11b is broken..it was broken right out of the box when i got it several years ago. I superglued the legs back on and it will forever stay in Fighter mode...you want the box, its yours. id say its a c-8 condition...normal shipping and shelf wear. let me know.
  16. im not a huge fan of re-issues at all, but the VF-1s strike is one that I would love to see. has there ever been any mention of it?
  17. Very nice work Mr. March...very nice. I really like the layout of the page. great job.
  18. Hey guys.. i used the search tool, (i did not have to be told to..its just logic to use it before asking) but i came up short...im probably just missing it... have any of you had a problem with your 1/60 Vf-1s strike's head staying down in Battroid mode? Mine always wants to look up.
  19. you guys have great collections. Im in the process of moving to another apartment and all my stuff is boxed up right now, and as soon as its unpacked, ill take a few pics and throw them up here.
  20. i dont know if you guys have ever dealt with Ebay seller Hohotoys but they are fantastic. Bulletproof packaging and lightning fast shipments.
  21. as far as i know, there still could be a Soul of Chogokin Valk one day. I believe many different companies hold part of the Macross rights, not just Yamato... im probably wrong...so just ignore me.
  22. Bandai 1/55's they are dated but still beautiful.
  23. hey guys! first post here, but ive been a fan of the site for about 6 years...i was just never into internet foums until a year or so ago. anyway, my top 5 holy grail toys are sitting happily in my display cabinet. They are as follows: MP-1 Convoy Yamato 1/48 VF-1S Hikaru with Strike Parts Bandai 1/55 VF-1S Strike Raiden Giftset Landcross Giftset
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