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  1. Hi, Just sharing about a local event going to be held in Penang, Malaysia. http://youthstoday.com/event/details/83 There will be figures & collectables on display. Macross will be up for display too according to the organizers.
  2. https://picasaweb.google.com/104554086480850693161/2007_05_06KoeningMonster?authuser=0&feat=directlink
  3. Comic Fiesta ~ Wish I could go there ~ me all the way in penang
  4. I am from Peneng Island too. Wahhh neighbour long time no see.
  5. No wonder you have been missing from the other forum. You have moved here. How does it feel like collecting Macross?
  6. Just to help, I got mine off this ebayer "junius8". I think he is a MWF mambers too but not sure what his nic is.
  7. The event in all for me was great still. Wish there were more stalls selling Macross. Can't bring my self to buy any of the bigger Yammy.
  8. Ehhh? Isn't that belong to BoyArk's he even ask my help to transform the YF-19. Gosh you R that tall guy who looks after BoyArk's stall when he was away right?
  9. So my journey begins from Peneng to KL I arrive late, missed the registration for the game + Meeting Hannah Tan too. Start walking around the stall area - That Prime is NEW I stall sells all Macross A friend open up a stall (BoyArk) Very potential buyer just met a very good seller (Chupa & Daughter Vs BoyArk) Why there is no picture of me?
  10. Arrgh I missed the part with Hannah Tan... . Picture was taken by a friend from another forum who came to the event early --- Thanks Arya aka Omega_Prime ref http://www.transmy.com/index.php?option=co...d=113877#113877 The event was well organized. I arrived late afternoon. Seller booth, VFX game competition & DYRL Mov + Macross F preview was on schedule. Well the Movie was not really ontime but it is forgivable. Any way picture will be up soon. I can't figure out who in the end WolfX & Shahir is. Guys show ur self in the picture later.
  11. The Macross 25th Anniversary Convention also publicized in Hannah Tan's BLOG http://www.hannahtan.com/news.asp?page=New...amp;articleid=6 Well just a small section in her BLOG really.
  12. Found a map Looks like it is close to IDP Australia Office to me. Guys correct me if I am wrong. Linky here for bigger map
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