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  1. atreyu2112

    Hi-Metal R

    Oh hell yes! It’s been a LONG wait for the Tomahawk. And even a mention of the Phalanx. Very excited. They've got my support! Hopefully we get both Destroids, a rerelease for the Regults: regular, armored & scout finally… and dare I say the Nos-G & Q-Rau. Bring it!! 🤘🥳🤘 Just as a quick reminder, Phalanx is already tooled & was displayed 😉
  2. atreyu2112

    Hi-Metal R

    Been waiting a LONG time for the Tomahawk, Phalanx, remaining TV repaints, Regult Scout, N-Ger & Q-Rau! I get if they don’t do the last 2, but everything else is either simple repaints or retools. And most of the retools were completed & shown off multiple times. what makes it sting is that they themselves marketed this line to be inclusive of all mecha shown and seen thru to completion. It’s absolutely ridiculous they haven’t completed at the very least what they originally solicited.
  3. atreyu2112

    Hi-Metal R

    So what are the odds at this point of EVER getting a Tomahawk, Phalanx, Q-Rau and TV Max & Kaki 1A’s? It’s been feeling hopeless for a good long while now...
  4. atreyu2112

    Hi-Metal R

    Honestly l, I'd *really* happy at this point just to get the 2 Destroids & Max/Kaki TV 1As. The more time passes though, the less hope I have.
  5. atreyu2112

    Hi-Metal R

    So, the VF-1D... is that it for Macross Hi-Metal R? No Phalanx or Tomahawk? No N-Ger, Q-rau or Regult Scout? TV Max/Kaki 1As & Roy 1S? The releases have been fewer and fewer. And now we're down to the last few. Honestly, I'm quite shocked/disappointed that the destroids & valks arent already released! I mean, going back to the launch of the "R" line, wasn't it their point they were making ALL of what they initially showed on that poster display? I don't think I would be as upset if they never showed that stuff off & then displayed painted prototypes ... multiple times. Does anyone know, honestly, if we're ever going to see the line completed as per their initial advertisement?
  6. atreyu2112

    Hi-Metal R

    Yes. We really do need to get the last 2 Destroids this year. Would also love to get the N-Ger and Q-Rau as well. Bandai really needs to get on the ball and get that original list completed & released already.
  7. atreyu2112

    Hi-Metal R

    I just want to finally finish the main SDM in 2019... - VF-1A Max & Kaki - Destroid Tomahawk & Phalanx - TV Queadluun & Nousjadeul - Recon Regult Then, we'll be needing some S.H. Figuarts Zentran's !!!
  8. atreyu2112

    Hi-Metal R

    Nothing up at CDJapan, HLJ, Nippon-Yassan, Anime-Export or MyKombini yet...
  9. atreyu2112

    Hi-Metal R

    Anyone have an idea on how much the VF-1D will cost?
  10. atreyu2112

    Hi-Metal R

    Yes, guys, I'm sorry. No TV Max yet. I got it confused with the CF which came with both TV and movie heads. So the head sculpt is done, just waiting for the repaints :/
  11. atreyu2112

    Hi-Metal R

    Man, I really hope Bandai finish the all the releases they intended for Hi-Metal R as shown on that teaser poster for the line way back at the relaunch. SO close to being done... Destroid Tomahawk & Phalanx VF-1D, VF-1A Max & Kaki TV Regult Scout, Quaedluun-Rau & the male armor That's IT. We've already seen painted Destroid protos of the Tomahawk & Phalanx, we have the 1A CF with a TV head, so that's just paint deco for Max/Kaki, 2 seaters are out so just a 1D head is needed. And lastly Tenjin teased male armor box art... C'mon Bandai, finish what ya started!!!
  12. atreyu2112

    Hi-Metal R

    It feels like FOREVER since I last got something from High Metal-R as I'm only collecting the TV stuff (Defender was my last order) ... Will we EVER get the Tomahawk, Phalanx, TV Max, TV Kaki, 1D, and the Queadlun-Rau, Male Armor, Regult Scout, etc...?
  13. atreyu2112

    Hi-Metal R

    Just got my Defender. Awesome piece yet again. Feels a bit more in-scale with the Valks than the Spartan. I'm so glad to have both though. Bring on the Tomahawk & the Phalanx now please! Oh, and a VF-1D, the rest of Vermillion, Queadluun Rau TV, etc...
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